Alright, so, this is a bit different from normal for reviews. The first being the fact it is an episode 0. The other being the fact I decided to review it about half way through the episode, so I am treating it more for how I enjoyed it and covering it a bit differently than usual by not going too much into the plot.

Now, the full series is set to air in July 2019. Episode 0, is just an introduction. So, providing Crunchyroll gets the series, like it did with Episode 0, expect weekly reviews come the summer.

The Plot:

About ten years have passed since the holy grail war that changed Waver’s life. Now, known as Lord El-Melloi II, he severs as both a teacher and one of the heads for the Mage’s Association.

This episode, is more about talking about curses, and a basic introduction to some of the concepts that will be in this series, the power struggle within the Association and Waver in general who he was and who he is now to fill in that ten year gap.

lord ell mallio case files ep 0 pic 3

He gets afflicted by a curse, and goes off to solve it, as someone is now trying to kill him.

There is also a lot of reminiscence from him, remembering Rider from Fate/Zero throughout this episode.

lord ell mallio case files ep 0 pic 1

Overall Thoughts:

I hope there is not a lot to do with Fate/Zero in this series, although understanding who Waver/Lord El-Melloi II was, it might be needed, especially with this episode 0 bringing up Rider often. He played a major role in changing his life, and this first episode really captured that.  I mean, they are wearing the same shirt.

Anyway, as a basic episode, and episode 0, which the only purpose is to introduce concepts about the series, well, this one did just that. It was both enjoyable, and certainly brought back some memories to connect to a previous series in the Fate/Universe. Now, I believe this takes place in the same universe as Fate/Stay Night, not Fate/Apocrypha, due to the latter no fourth holy grail war happened, which clearly played a major role in shaping the main character in this one, despite him also being in Apocrypha. Either way, those other two series should not be necessarily seen to understand the main character. It is also too soon to say from the first episode if Zero needs to be watched, but, seeing how long it is until the series airs, it might be a good idea to check it out.

Anyway, although I got a little off topic, and did not cover the plot of the episode like how I normally do, that will change when the series starts airing. It was still a good episode, and it certainly is something to look forward to coming this summer.

Honestly, I might do Bulk Reviews of Fate/Zero since it has been six years since I saw it.

Overall Enjoyment: B

Feel free to comment your thoughts about the series, just keep in mind of spoilers if you read the source.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe