New arc time, and honestly a nice change to start and in general for an arc. It felt like this was sort of filler, but not. Mostly since this happens in an actual volume, so they adapted at least the first half of the arc in just this episode, leaving the next two open for what happens. Either way, it was a nice change of pace giving a bit of action early on before moving onto the real stuff without feeling too out-of-place.

The Plot:

Following a bit up from the end of the last episode, Itsuwa tries to find ways to impress Toma with a maid outfit of her own, although she gets embarrassed just looking up possibilities. Kaori is also finding out what she did is spreading and people already got word of it.

index s3 ep 10 pic 1

Misaka is also a little confused and embarrassed on what she said last time to Toma. It honestly makes me wonder if maybe she doesn’t even realize she likes Toma.

index s3 ep 10 pic 2

Anyway, once Toma gets home, that is when it really starts. Tsuchimikado calls, and well, tells him to go to England and quickly throws sleeping gas into Toma’s apartment.

Index and Toma wake up on a plane, and well, events start to get a bit hectic in their final part of the journey from France to England. Someone is attacking the plane, and well, Toma has no intention of letting this person get away with it. Also, I find it dumb how a pilot is letting a teenager deal with this situation after first saying no.

Index gets attacked, and well Toma goes searching for the guy. It also turns out the Archbishop is in control of trying to get the plane to land. Index is the most important person on that flight and if they can only save one person, it is her.

Needless to say Toma gives the villain his punch. But, the fight does not end there as Toma realizes that a second perpetrator got on in France, thus he goes to stop him. With the help of Stiyl, who apparently got a plane and was able to help.

This episode ends with a group of sorcerers ready to put their plan into action.

Overall Thoughts:

When you throw Toma into a completely random situation, it really seems irresponsible to just basically give him free rein, because taking down the threat is apparently something a kid can do. Anyway, despite that issue, everything else this episode went rather smoothly. It did not feel rushed, with exception of Toma’s quick realization of the possibility of a second threat. It really made this part seemed rushed and could have easily ended everything then and there, but, it didn’t.

For whatever reason I felt like I was thrown out of the loop for the issue between France and England this episode, then again it was the first mentioning of it in the series and is making it clear that this arc will revolve around it. But there was also the nice touch of the tension growing between the two countries after the first arc of this season.

For those who do not know, [SPOILER] the final arc for the first series of Index is covered in three volumes and is known as World War Three. It was this episode and the mentioning of the tension, that is starting to make it clear that this war, which all this time I assumed was just a war against magic, might certainly be more than just that. It is nice to see the tension between the countries and Toma is certainly getting himself in the crossfire, be it in a minor and unintentional role. [END OF SPOILER] Still, this was a good episode with a nice bit of throwback and build up thrown in nicely.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B-

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