Seeing that I typically start the review off with a short little ramble, be it my thoughts on the series, episode or whatever, it is time I talk about well, the story. It turns out this current arc is two volumes of novels, then the next one is one volume, and then it is the final arc. Which, if I can guess at this point, I hope the last ten episodes are dedicated to the final arc. While it is three volumes long for the final arc, I do not want to see it rushed, and this series has some weird tendencies for adaptations. First volume was 6 episodes others were just two, so, hopefully they take their time with the final arc. With that said, let’s get right into the episode.

The Plot:

This episode kicks off right when Index and Toma get off the plane, and well, Index is angry. Not at the fact she was nearly killed by terrorists, but the fact since Toma did not answer the beef-of-fish question, she was unable to eat. You would have thought that maybe the people who Toma saved would have maybe thought to see if they ate, I guess not.

index s3 ep 11 pic 1

Meanwhile the princess the “Evil” Saint from the previous arc still thinks about him.

index s3 ep 11 pic 2

Also, it turns out Toma, Index, and Kaori are meeting with the queen and three princesses. Which oddly enough turned into a bit of a comical situation once Toma thought about taking a picture. There was also mentioning of a rather important sword.

Either way Toma is roped into helping them since someone needs to pay for his hotel room.

index s3 ep 11 pic 7

Then with no explanation, unless it was said in the light novels, Oriana Thomson shows up and is working with Toma to find these four mages known as New Light.

index s3 ep 11 pic 8

It also turns out that one of the members of New Light is having some issues with the object she is transporting. Toma and Oriana quickly find her and go into a chance.

While this is happening Kaori and Itsuwa take down two of the four members of New Light.

index s3 ep 11 pic 11

Index is with two of the princesses, it turns out one has trusting issues.

index s3 ep 11 pic 12

Anyway, Toma catches up to the New Light member he is chasing, and well, while their plan does succeed, she is nearly killed in the process.

It also turns out one of the princesses is evil and found the original copy of the super powerful sword and is now wanting to wage war. Thus, ending the episode.

index s3 ep 11 pic 16

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, I thought the monocle princess was going to be the one to betray everyone. So, good on Index for not being obvious. It seemed like everything was pointing at her, from the wanting to be alone and not trusting anyone and really not trusting anyone really. But, I was glad I was wrong, it made for a nice twist at the end.

Now, this episode I thought would be a bit more serious, seeing that Toma was meeting royalty, clearly that was not the case. This episode had a lot of moments where my expectations clearly were wrong, and I am glad for it. It made this episode more interesting and I am even more curious on where the rest of this arc could good. Next episode seems like a rather big battle, and honestly, I hope it is.

As for the introduction to all these new characters, the princess who was saved certainly stands out. This also makes me rather curious since at this point in time, it is a little unclear who is on whose side. I mean it does look like William shows up next episode, and seeing he is a saint working with the Roman Catholics, well, it will be interesting to see whose side he is on. Does he work for the side with the princess he rescued or the opposing fraction? This also comes down to what the goals for the other side is.

While last episode seemed more build up to what will be important this arc, this one had a few twists and a few nice touches on leaving us with plenty of questions.

Overall Score: B+

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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