Wow, it is hard to believe this show got a second season. I mean, that isn’t a bad thing. I really enjoyed season one, but then the manga ended. It is unlikely for a show to get another season after the source ends. But last year with a recap OVA certainly changed that. Now, season two is finally here, and I am glad I am covering it. It has been almost three years since season one aired, so, let’s stop waiting and get right into season two.

The Plot:

So, Reigen takes up a job. This job deals with helping a farmer whose crops keep being destroyed each season for the last few years. Apparently, this farmer can’t really afford much, so he promises to pay Reigen in crops. Him and Mob go looking for this spirit, and the fields seem normal. Seeing Reigen has no psychic powers, Mob does notice a scarecrow with spiritual energy, and it turns out that is the evil spirit. Thus, a fight breaks out, Mob learns to control plants, with the downside they taste awful. Thus, the opening theme kicks in.

Anyway, the reporter girl, Tsubomi, she wants to improve Mob’s image, mostly since after the events of Episode 3, Mob now has a cult and they are looking for their leader.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 1 pic 5

Luckily for her the class president is resigning after he falsified facts back in episode 6.

Mob certainly does not think he will run, that is until Tsubomi tells Mob how his crush and childhood friend might fall for him. Thus, he goes into a training montage to prepare to be the class president.

Cue a few other references to season one, the president also wanting to run again to regain his honor, and ultimately Mob giving his speech, or not. He froze up and for five minutes said nothing.

While he does feel dejected he is then asked out by a girl, Emi. She wants to be a writer. Of course, everyone is quickly surprised that Mob has a girlfriend, he was a lot happier and well completely different. He does lie about his job though.

Anyway, a week has passed, and it turns out that Mob rejected her. He reads her story and still is nice. Emi however only asked him out on a dare. She does point out that a lot of times Mob is emotionless and only does what people tells him too, while she does like that about him, Mob certainly doesn’t. He wants to change that.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 1 pic 17

Emi’s friends soon find her story and laugh at her, ripping it to pieces. Mob however sees that as mean and begins picking up the pieces. Emi does help, and it does not take long for the pieces to fly away. When hope is lost, Mob uses his powers to reform the novel, and telling Emi the truth. All while Mob’s childhood friend and crush watches from a distance proud of him.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a great way to start off a new season. While it has been a few years since season one, it was nice to see throwbacks to various episodes. It did not dive completely into the plot and follow through where the first season ended. For those who do not remember, the leader of the evil organization was heading for Mob’s town, or at least got word of the team that was whipped out by Mob.

Anyway, as for this episode as a whole, the end was strong. With Mob constantly liking his childhood friend, who did know of his powers, it was nice to see that she still cares for him and watches over him. So, it makes his crush not seem so one-sided. But, the ending on the other hand was also Mob wanting to change himself more. He wants to do it for himself and hopefully this sticks through this season. I would like to see Mob show more feeling, granted yes when he does his powers do get a little out of control, so hopefully this is a sign of his maturing.

This show, as I remember hopefully stating back in season one, is more than just action, but also coming of age. Mob is trying to find himself with his powers and controlling his emotions and knowing how to accept emotions is a huge part of it and it is nice to see this series start to head in that direction.

I am going to keep my overall thoughts rather short this time, since it was more enjoyable to see than to think about it in too much detail. The first episode back for more, and honestly it did a great job returning. Thus, I am leaving out a score this time.

Overall Enjoyment: A

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe