I do like this season so far, granted we are only two episodes in. It is like the first season where it certainly takes awhile to get the ball rolling, and nothing major happens just yet. Certainly, with this urban legends, perhaps next episode also has some dealings with them. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Finding work is tricky as the exorcism business is apparently run into a dry spell. So, they decide to go to an area full of urban legends and open up shop to get some people to con, err, help. Mob does not know much about urban legends, and Reigen brings a few up.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 2 pic 1

Reigen and Mob soon run into another psychic who is certainly rather popular. They are also then asked by a woman to take on the urban legends. It turns out this new psychic does not run cheap, about ten times more than what Reigen charges, but he gets roped into Reigen’s scheme into helping.

With the two split up, the new psychic, Shinra, runs into one of the urban legends, the man in the red coat, who is apparently a flasher, and not a ghost. So, these two start fighting and Shinra plans to make a citizen’s arrest.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 2 pic 5

Meanwhile, another urban legend, the human faced dog, is just a dog with marker on his face. Turns out kids decided to draw on the dog’s face and the owner is too old to tell marker is on his dog’s face. So, Reigen washes the dog to help out the owner.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 2 pic 6

Shinra loses to the flasher. But, that is when the Dragger shows up, a real urban legend. Shinra is nearly killed, but luckily Mob sent Dimple to spy on him, so Dimple takes control. Even with a boost in power it is not going well, and he calls for Mob.

Just when Dimple is about to lose, Mob shows up. Apparently, the Dragger only gets stronger because of all the people who believe in her. But, seeing Mob is out of the loop, this power scaling is no match for him and it is a quick victory.

The episode ends with Mob taking on the Running Granny, which turns out to be a normal grandma running. Mob is scared, but that is only because he doesn’t want to lose, after all he is in the running club.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 2 pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

While I did enjoy the season premier over this episode, this one was still a good follow-up and hopeful set up for things to come. It was nice to see a new psychic appear, and maybe one that will turn up often. But, either way, it was an interesting take of urban legends.

Where this episode shined was in the foreshadowing. Early on Mob said he was never really into Urban Legends. Reigen also said multiple times that the Dragger doesn’t exists. Yet, both turn up to be rather relevant, more so in the verbal irony of the Dragger. But, the fact Mob was not too into or hardly heard any Urban Legends, it was nice to see that explanation of power balance, he did not win on sheer power this time, just what his knowledge is. This made for a rather nice touch and change from the normal fights. It also allowed for the fight not to be dragged on, but unfortunately end with a single hit.

This episode did a lot of good, from the switching in contradiction in comparisons and use of irony. Reigen not wanting to ask kids about Urban Legends because he would be seen as a creep, followed by Shinra doing just that and being seen as a creep. This episode played around with a lot of that, and honestly it worked for the better of the episode by adding more to the comedic aspects of this series.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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