I liked the direction of this episode. It was a good follow-up to what seemed like something minor in the previous episode as well as build up what is to come. Mob has been going through a lot of changes this season and this episode starts to demonstrate how far he has come as a character. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, the previous episode Reigen brought up making a website, which honestly looked like a scam website, granted he is a con man, but still, it was fitting. Surprisingly since the website’s creation Reigen and Mob have been given a lot more work. This includes putting curses on people, fighting off a psychic stalker, and ultimately getting to the meat of the episode, helping possible teenagers explore creepy house in the woods.

After dealing with the curse man, Mob shows signs of worry, which Reigen notes that it is very rare for Mob to be talking about his own opinion. Mob wasn’t nervous about it too, he was very open about it for once as well. As for dealing with the stalker, Mob seems worried that everyone will think he is a creep for his psychic powers, or that it is at least weird on the woman’s reaction to psychic powers. Although given the circumstances I really don’t blame her.

Mob gets bullied at one point, this is after Mob and Reigen helped a group of teenagers or college students try to find a haunted house in the woods, only to be called scammers and be left there. But, Mob being bullied, Dimple takes over the bully, only for Mob to tell him to stop, only to get bullied again, only to have his younger brother step in with psychic powers and then being told to stop. Then that bullying scene ends with Mob’s bodybuilding clubmates stepping up for him. All three groups have something to say to Mob, and it is simple, he needs to start standing up for himself.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 4

So, it is then when the people who called Reigen a conman for bringing them to a fake haunting site ask to hire him again since the place was really haunted and they want to exorcise the ghosts there.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 5


Turns out the family of ghosts is rather peaceful, even with Dimple trying to turn them hostile. Mob being the only one who can hear them. He is stuck either he kills innocent ghosts or attacks the customer. But, luckily for Reigen he steps up and takes care of the customers.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 6

Reigen then realizes something rather important. Mob’s daily life deals with curses and spirits. Ghosts and people are one in the same and in most cases are just living.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 7

He also gets infected by a curse.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 8

The episode ends with Mob questioning himself that if he ever lost control, would someone be able to stop him.

mob psycho 100 s2 ep 3 pic 9

Overall Thoughts:

The Mob and Reigen student and master relationship has always been a strong point in this series. It played a major role at the end of season one. This episode proved that their time together is constantly growing, and Reigen’s realization certainly evolved this episode. He has always cared about Mob, and this episode brings us back to remind us of that, while at the same time he still does not fully grasp how Mob feels, when he does show emotions.

At first, I did not think too much of the episode. It felt as though it was just going to be a few side stories and nothing more. It was nice to see there be a few side stories but in the end all connect. Mob’s questioning at the end was also a nice choice, especially with how much power he has. Last season he took on evil psychics, and my guess is by the end of this one, a lot more will appear. So, him questioning where he fits in and even if he might ever turn into someone like he fought, was a nice touch. Now, I doubt Mob will turn evil, but given how his emotional level being rather high and these questions, I can picture it happening for at least an episode, it did after all happen before or at least a glimpse of it did happen back in the first season. Either way, this has been some rather well constructed build up, that is if it does turn into something meaningful.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: A

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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