It has been a rather long time since I have written a post like this. I think honestly the last time I did might have been either the winter or spring season of last year. I know I had the intention to write posts the previous seasons, however, never got around to it. So, in this post I will be covering my brief thoughts on series, both sequels and actually new stuff. I would like to add this will be talking about the first few episodes in most cases. I also would like to add that I will not be talking about Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 or A Certain Magical Index Season 3, because I am reviewing both also Index is now in its second cour.

While these are not in any particular order. The first two I am talking about certainly have me the most impressed as well as enjoying the most from the first few episodes. I am going to try to say who the licensor is; however, I will be certain to say where the series is streaming. Keep in mind, Crunchyroll does have a free option, after a delay, while Hidive is a paid, but rather cheap streaming service. I am also not paid by either, although I certainly would not mind doing a sponsored post if given the opportunity. With that said, let’s get started.

The Quintessential Quintuplets:

I had absolutely no intention of watching this series, I saw the premise, didn’t think much of it, so I did not bother with it. It is a standard Harem plot kind of, instead of tutoring a bunch of random girls, there are just five and they all happen to be quintuplets with different quirks, hobbies, and just about everything about them is different other than the fact they are about to fail school. While, I have not been into the harem genre in some time, this one I figured I would give it a shot, a few people on twitter seemed to like it, and overall reviews I saw seemed to enjoy the show too. So, I gave it a chance, and honestly my expectations were blown.

I am so used to the subtle romance that is never going to form, where in this series case, it plays off the fact all siblings are similar, and have a flashforward sequence with the main character is about to marry, not showing his brides face. At the same time while this romance is seen, any signs of romance to the main character or main girls is certainly unseen after the first two episodes. He is certainly more focused on his job being to help them study and graduate. So, it is different, and I am glad to see a rather refreshingly different side to a genre that can and has gotten stale for me several times before. I hope this series does not follow the footsteps of its predecessors.

Note: I wrote this shortly after seeing the second episode. Since I took my time writing this post, I can say my thoughts on this series are still strong after four episodes.

pout 3

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War:

Easiest way to sum this series up, local rich kids too stubborn to reveal their feelings for one another play mind games to get the other to reveal their feelings for the other. Surprisingly as simplistic as this plot is the series is rather enjoyable. The first two episodes were divided into three segments, and honestly while I normally don’t like it when shows take this approach, it works rather well for this series. It fits well with the given time it sets each part for both comedic purposes and frankly allowing it to not feel stale of the two main leads constantly trying to out think the other on a singular problem. But having it divided into three different stories, it makes each seem a little fresh, despite some similar outcomes. Also, the opening theme is rather fun.

This series I at least put on my radar to check out before it aired, and once I gave it a shot, I was certainly glad I thought about checking it out.

love is war

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

I believe prior to the season starting I mentioned I was going to review Shield Hero on Anime Corps, then episode one aired and honestly I did not want to shoot myself in the foot. I saw the first episode of this series and thought about reviewing it for a replacement. However, I find it too serious, and I like to review series with the nice balance of comedy and action. While that might sound like I do not like it, it is in fact the opposite. I want to just sit back and enjoy the series rather than contemplating what should I talk about in the review for this particular episode. While the series is rather dark and bloody, I do like the drama and depth it is giving to the main character, Asuka, as well as following up to what happens to magical girls when they defeat the big bad, it adds drama and really there is more problems besides the new threat emerging, and that is what I really enjoy about this show. This series I can picture being a highlight of the season for me but at the same time I can also see myself lossing intrest in it.

magical girl spec ops

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Girly Air Force

I thought this show would be interesting. After two episodes, starting to feel like it isn’t. There are parts about it that are just poorly written. I do have to say there was a scene in the first episode that was going rather great, it gave some character development, added a lot of drama, that was until it quickly was cut short and thrown to the side like nothing. I aim to try to stick at least for four episodes for this show, but, right now, I am uncertain if that will be the case.

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.


One of many shows I had no intention of watching, but certainly glad I did. The comedy is well written, and a nice twist on the hero vs demon lord scenario. The heroes failed the spell, sent the demon lord back in time, now the demon lord is training the heroes before they are heroes. So, it is pretty funny, especially what happens on both sides of the situation the demon lord and heroes are in. Throw in a bit of yuri undertones and this series is a nice relaxing cute series.

dont ask me

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Mysteria Friends

Out of all the shows I talked about here, this one is probably the most unusual. Not the show itself, but the history behind it. I did say I wanted to watch this show, way back in the year 2016. At least I think I did. The series was originally supposed to air back then, but before it did, it was canned and all people working on it stopped. But, three years later the series is actually a thing. I believe it is a spin-off, but has no connection to the series, Rage of Bahuamut. There was also something about Granblue Fantasy, at least, recently mentioned, since apparently both games are promoting this series.

So, while the origin of the series is certainly interesting, the anime, being short, and at the time of writing this, with two episodes, it is hard to judge if that three-year wait was worth it. It is interesting and has great animation. For a fourteen-minute show, it feels like this series should be longer than that. But, there was also no real major story in the first two episodes, still, a nice one. I just wish there was more going for this series than its own story each time.

mysteria friends

The series is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Domestic Girlfriend

I originally had no intention of watching this show, but then I gave it a shot. Honestly I was surprised and honestly enjoyed it. Granted there are some parts, such as the student teacher relationship or the fact that turns into his older step sister and he also has s*x with the other main girl who also turns into his step sister. So, despite this the show was surprisingly enjoyable. Certainly when explaining it like that, this show is certainly not for everyone. In fact I honestly thought the series was not for me when I first heard about it. This series, providing I continue it, is a great example of don’t judge an anime by its plot, both figuratively and litterally.

This series is streamed by both Hidive and Crunchyroll.

There were other series I wished to cover but did not. Date a Live Season 3, Shield Hero, and a few others, mostly since I haven’t watched them yet.

I wasn’t trying to rush this post like some weekly reviews. I wanted to try messing around with my word choice (although I had some falling out towards the end), going into a bit more detail on my thoughts as well as the series in general. I want to try to make future posts like this. So, any suggestions feel free to comment.

Of course, feel free to comment your thoughts on shows airing this season, even if I did not cover them in this post.

– Joe