Well, the day this post goes up marks my birthday. Which means I continue to keep the trend of getting a post out on my birthday. I have done various posts over the years in relation to anime or manga. Last year I did my Top 10 Manga, the year before that I wrote how I was closing down my Deviant Art account where I had stories written there, which ultimately, I did not close it down due to nostalgia. Then gets me to the main topic for today. The first birthday post I did here was in relation to my Top 15 Anime. At the time of writing the paragraph I honestly thought it was 10. Wow, I wrote a lot more back then. Well, there is no way I can list fifteen now, and honestly, I think it was a struggle back then too. Either way, I have been watching anime for seven years now and this list changed dramatically since its initial release, in some cases. So, time to visit my new top ten anime.

The Old Post can be found here, I will be referencing at least some of the series on here, so if you are curious on what my thoughts were back then.


Number 1: Fairy Tail

mavis stare

Fairy Tail has always held a special place in my heart. Now, while I will admit I am willing to put it lower on the list there are several factors that prevent me from doing so. I will admit, I did not see the end of the second series for almost two years after it ended. I read the manga to completion, and the anime was not a high priority. Even now that it is in the final season at the time of writing this, I am behind on that too.

Despite this, it does not change the fact of what this series meant to me. It really got me into anime. It was the first anime I willingly watched in the sub format. It was also the anime that got me into reading more manga, because the anime ended once. It was my starting point in my anime journey. So, I put it at this spot because of what it did and its overall effect on my viewing habits. I still enjoy watching the series, and honestly, I find it really easy to binge the series like when I first did. I am not worried when I fall behind because when I start to catch up, I know I will. I will always have a special place for this series.

Honestly, the only thing that might be able to top it is if Hiro Mashima’s Eden Zero gets adapted since it is starting off much stronger than Fairy Tail.

Number 2: A Certain Magical Index

Index S3 Ep 3 Pic 12

Again, another one that did not change from the old list in terms of its spot. I honestly thought a few months back it would be a lot lower than where I originally put it. It has been years since I saw it, and even though my first season rewatch I began to question why I liked the series so much. It was not until rewatching the second season for the first time. It really resparked why I enjoyed the series so much. Now with the third season airing I certainly am enjoying it more than ever.

While Fairy Tail is still in its spot for nostalgia reasons, Index is not completely that case. While it is still here for nostalgia reasons it is also here because of the series as a whole. I always seem to enjoy it, more and more each time, between the fights, the drama, world-building especially, and overall the multitude of stories, with each one being different. While I do have issues here and there between some stories not being so great. But they are only once per season really.

Either way, I certainly feel confident in putting this one in second still after all these years.

Number 3: Fate Franchise

I can’t really pick one series over the other, since there are so many of them. I first started this series almost six years ago, with the original Fate/Stay Night. Well, there is also Unlimited Blade Works, Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, Illya is a Magical Girl, Zero, and I still need to see both Extra and Apocorypha. There is also the new one coming out this summer that I will be reviewing as well. There are so many series and different stories to this series and different scenarios that make the series so enjoyable. Want a relaxing cooking show, Fate has it, want a magical girl series, Fate has it, want a detective series, Fate will have it soon, and so on.  Thanks to the multitude of Fate series there are and in different genres, it is hard to pick just one that I like the most.

Those of you that been following my twitter or even this blog probably know the real reason too why I like this series:


Number 4: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 10

Well, Number 4 and Number 5, are a bit reminiscent of last year’s Top Ten Manga. This series was easily one of my favorites to review here. The manga itself is wonderfully drawn, written, and the anime captured that nicely by giving it more life. Of course, my biggest issue with the anime was how I had to wait until this month to get new content for the manga, almost a year after the anime ended. Still, despite the cause for the long wait, the anime ended on a nice note where it could be considered the end. Of course, I will gladly take more. Still, this series was good, nice drama, characters, and everything that happened I looked forward to each and every episode while still feeling satisfied in the end, and a lot of series do not give me that sense of feeling satisfied after it is over. Sure, some do make me want more, but few feel like it gives closure when it ends. This one thankfully felt like a natural ending.

Number 5: Twin Star Exorcists

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 16

So, again, the other series I mentioned in last year’s Top Ten Manga, where this is easily one of my favorite manga, the anime is good. I had issues as it aired where it was all original. At the same time once I looked at the series as a whole, it worked well. It gave the two main characters more time to shine, more time to connect, and make the relationship the manga sets have more ground and built up more. The ending is where it feels iffy and confusing, they hint at more, but with it being mainly original, it contradicts what is going on in the manga so unless the continuation was original, it makes no sense. Still, I would not mind for a reboot someday. Either way, the anime was still enjoyable and highlight of its year-long run and a good take on a series I have enjoyed reading the past few years.

Number 6: Oh My Goddess

This was the first anime I saw that I knew was an anime and willingly saw it too. Unfortunately, I have been unable to see it again since. The license expired, and no one picked it up again. Still, I was lucky enough to get the Omnibus of the manga, which unfortunately they decided to stop doing. So, a lot of unfortunates for this series. It still was a nice romance and comedy. I remember enjoying it a lot, and once I was able to read the manga the memories of the anime came back, and I still looked at them fondly. Considering the manga went on for 26 years. I do wish there was more than two seasons of anime that was only able to capture a fracture of the series as a whole. There are plenty of stories to tell that were missed and I remember reading the ending when it came out, it certainly was wonderful. The anime was a joy to watch and hopefully someday I will be able to see it again, just right now it seems unlikely. Until then it will hold this spot.


Number 7: Kiddy Grade / Kiddy Girl-And

Out of all of the series on here I think this was one where I nearly started to rewatch the second I finished it. Although I think I did that with Index since the dub was released shortly after finishing season 2. Anyway, both series are good. Kiddy Grade is certainly more action related and Kiddy Girl-And is more comedic. Both are good and do their own thing, a good space-based series, with super powers and women kicking butt. While I do like the action more in the first series, I like the second series where it at times it is more comedic before it turns into a more action-oriented series that connects to the first, despite taking place fifty years later. This is also the only series on this list (since Date a Live got a third season which is not on BluRay yet) that I own both seasons of.

deal with it

Number 8: Dragon Ball

While I have only seen all of Super, and only parts of both the original and Z, I still have to put it on this list. I was not a kid that grew up watching it, I started many years later. Dragon Ball Super honestly helped me get back into anime. My depression was bad this time last year, and I did not have a lot to look forward to. While I was losing interest in a lot that I did, Dragon Ball Super was one of the few things I got to look forward to and was hooked on seeing each and every week.

dragon ball freiza and goku 2

Number 9: Kara no Kyoukai

While this is a movie series, it is still a great movie series. There are two different ways to watch it and honestly both ways to do it are enjoyable. The first way is watching in order of release, which is out-of-order or watching it in order. Both mark perfect sense and watching them in order, even years later, I was able to pick up on a lot of things I missed or did not notice the first time around, it made it feel refreshing to see the series in a different light. Also the animation is insanely good and looks better than most series out now, when the series itself came out over a decade ago. Still, very good movie series, and another Type Moon property. Now if only Tsukihime got a good anime.

Kara-no-kyoukai stuff

Number 10: Date a Live

I will admit I was hesitant to put this series on the list. There are plenty that feel like it takes priority over this one. At the same time, it does not change the fact of how much I enjoyed it back then. Sure, I have yet to start the current season. But this does not change the fact I really enjoyed this series. This blog’s first post was a review for this series. I remember rewatching it as it aired, seeing the previous episode a second time before the next one, I have yet to be able to do that again. I tried with few, but next succeeded. This series while it is flawed and honestly it feels like I might not enjoy rewatching it as much, I still could see myself enjoying it and see why I enjoyed it back then as well. While it was at the number 3 slot a few years ago, it is nostalgia that keeps it on this list.


Honorable Mentions that rank fairly high: Princess Principal, Gundam Build Divers, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Monster Musume, Mob Psycho, Konosuba, Ghost in the Shell, Aria, and a few others.

Feel free to comment what some of your favorite anime are. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe