Due to being rather behind on reviews, that, and honestly I a part of me did not want to sit and write-through three episodes of what I personally feared would be much like the previous arc without Toma, I decided to do the arc in a single review. Much like how I did episode reviews for the first two season, I will be doing my overall thoughts of these three episodes at the end. This is the next to last arc for Index. Time to make it count.

Episode 15 Plot:

Accelerator and his GROUP are back to having somewhat normal things going for them. The whole battle royal against other groups and terrorist organizations has come to an end. Granted Accelerator is still taking out bad guys the other members seem to do their own thing. Tsuchimikado is spending time with his sister, which honestly might be the first time these two are seen together. The face shifting guy he is checking up on his friend from their previous arc, apparently, he was able to save her. And Hamazura from the other organization, well, his members are recovering from their betrayal.

Of course, more work comes up for Accelerator’s group, taking down another terrorist group, that are threatening small children. While they finish the job quickly, the group they just took out was trying to find information on the same organization Accelerator’s group is looking into, DRAGON.


Then everyone starts getting attacked as the members of Spark Signal, the group they are currently going after. They are also going after Hamazura’s group too. Which, well, somehow, he manages to pull through, only to have the episode end with him getting a call about one of his members being held hostage.

Index S3 Ep 15 Pic 8

Someone was tasked somewhere in this episode to kill Accelerator too. Forgot to mention that, since it was not made important until the following episode.

Episode 16 Plot:

Alright, so kicking right off the previous episode Hamazura tries and fails to take control of a helicopter. Only to convince the pilot to fly him where he needs to. He knows the odds are against him, but tries to save his member either way. Only to run into Accelerator who he assumes is the one behind it all. He gets beaten up pretty badly.

The one who was tasked to kill Accelerator but really wants revenge on Academy City, who honestly has probably the most ridiculous name in this series, Stephanie Gorgeouspalace. Anyway she attacks the level four member of Hamazura’s group.

Index S3 Ep 16 Pic 3

Accelerator makes a rather huge jump to conclusion that DRAGON and Misaka are connected. Of course he is then attacked.

Index S3 Ep 16 Pic 4

Turns out the old lady that Tsuchimikado killed back in episode one of this season was not killed. So, they try to enlist her help since the guy targeting them is close to Academy City’s governing board, and since she is a higher-ups, it would give them leverage to fight the man and learn about DRAGON. That and she owes them for protecting her granddaughter or daughter, I honestly forgot.

Then Accelerator is about to fight, only to have the face change guy be the old lady, and the guy in the iron suit get killed by his own bodyguards. This episode was all over the place and ends with the fact there are more face snatchers working behind the scenes.

Episode 17 Plot:

So, Accelerator fights only to shortly get his powers knocked out. Lets see, there is also the fight with Hamazura’s group and Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, and also the face snatchers, who are apparently evil.

Accelerator manages to win by detaching himself from the Misaka network. The face snatcher was a grimoire versus grimoire fight and the “good” face snatcher only won because he actually read the book. And well, Stephanie Gorgeouspalace only lost since apparently, she found out someone else was after Hamazura’s group and attacked them.

It turns out that throughout all of this Hamazura probably has worse luck than Toma since now all of Academy City is after him since he in no way fits into Aleister’s master plan, the one that was set in motion since the beginning. So, he is a dead man.

Lucky, or unlucky for him, the big bad boss he had, the fourth strongest level five, Shizuri, well, she lived and she still wants him dead.

While this is all going on Accelerator meets DRAGON, which is a sort of Angel, it was the source that gave Aleister his powers. And is still strong, nearly kills Accelerator who went at full power. So, that kind of strong.

Index S3 Ep 17 Pic 10

Hamazura however, honestly pulls off something rather cool, he goes to try to kill Shizuri using jet engine fire from a test chamber. After making it out in one piece he then escapes by one of the jets in the hanger he is in, and oddly enough it is clear Shizuri is still alive since she cleared the runway for his take off. She still probably wants to kill him. Accelerator might have lost to Toma and his power, but Hamazura has no powers what-so ever and she lost to a level 0 twice.

Index S3 Ep 17 Pic 11

Anyway, the angel tells Accelerator if he wants to save the Last Order, then he needs to find Index and go to Russia. Thus, ending the episode.

Index S3 Ep 17 Pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

This one certainly felt a lot better than the previous no Toma arc. Still, it felt like things were left out, rushed, and honestly you could see a difference in animation quality for the final few seconds of that last episode compared to the episode as a whole. Normally I don’t nitpick like that, but, in this case, it is rather obvious.

The final episode, or, at least the latter half of the final episode of this arc was the best part. Between what DRAGON was and bringing that connection back to Index, which ultimately will force Toma and Accelerator to be face to face again, which the last time was back in the Sisters arc. There were a few close calls and near misses, but, certainly never a direct confrontation. Accelerator just saw a glimpse of Toma once and that annoyed him.

Anyway, there was a lot of jumping around and honestly, I did not like that. The story with Hamazura, could have been easily kept on its own. I get that both his story and Accelerator’s are tied together this and the previous arc, but at the same time it made the jumping between the two feels rather incomplete at times and took away from the build up of each other’s story.

I did like however they brought some answers back from their previous arc. Mostly with the grimoires, and honestly more so when they were used. But again, the fight between two grimoires felt rushed and skimmed too much, like the simple solution was obvious so it was only glossed over.

Despite the many issues I had with this arc, it was nice to see it bring back the connection to the main character and a way to connect to the final arc. At the same time, it felt like more than anything it was just a long way to get Accelerator to go to Russia and force him to meet Toma to save Last Order. Which when you look at it that way, this arc could have gone a completely different direction.

Either way, despite my issues with this arc, it was not as bad as the previous no Toma arc. I did hear that the light novel of those two arcs is a lot better, since a lot was skipped. So, here is hoping that is the case when I finally read them. But, still, with its issues and how it was trying to be all action, it was alright.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: C-

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