It is weird to think after all these years of waiting; the final arc is finally here. Now, know they have said there are no plans to adapt the sequel series, but given the fact they have both another season of Railgun coming out and the Accelerator spin-off getting its first season, I would not be surprised if New Testament gets an adaptation after those are done. However, if that is not the case, it is time to enjoy the ride to the end. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Fiamma of the Right is putting his plans in motion in Russia. Russia is declaring war on Academy City because of the threats this world faces tend to stem from Academy city and all the unknown technologies.

Index S3 Ep 18 Pic 1

After that it switches between everyone, Hamazura, tries robbing a store, only to stop robbers. He too is in Russia, for some unknown reason. Accelerator is in Russia, since he is trying to find a way to save Last Order by finding the Alliance of Independent Nations. Lastly Toma, with Lessar from the previous arc, are also in Russia, although that is to find Fiamma and Sasha Kruezhev, the girl the Angel had the face of back in the Angel Fall Arc. Kaori however, is not in Russia, but instead on a boat about to fight French Sorcerers.

Back to Toma, apparently Lessar really wants to seduce him for whatever reason, Toma is even confused by this. But, anyway, upon sneaking into the place, but Fiamma gets away. Also, they knew if they attacked they would be quickly surrounded. It really feels like there was something else that should have happened and considering this adaptation has been leaving a lot of things out, this would not surprise me.

Anyway, shortly after that Toma escapes and meets with the leader of the Alliance of Independent Nations. But they are quickly attacked by Fiamma.

Index S3 Ep 18 Pic 9

While it does prove a bit difficult for Toma, since he knows he cannot really play defensive with Index’s life on the line, everyone around him becomes a target. But luckily Sasha comes into help, only to instantly get knocked out. But with a twist, Vento of the Front appears to help Toma, since she believes Fiamma has gone too out of control.

Then it switches to Accelerator, who apparently is at a military base, that sorcerers took over. The Academy City guards he fought earlier were carrying some magical item, but Accelerator saw that as just another item and took it.

Index S3 Ep 18 Pic 13

The episode ends with a Misaka looking woman about to dive out of a plane.

Index S3 Ep 18 Pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

Besides that, one scene with Toma sneaking into Fiamma’s place, it really felt like that was the only one where something was left out. Aside from this, with all the jumping around, this episode plot wise was rather good. It did not feel like anything was left out, and even wondering why Lessar was there was answered rather quickly, since even Toma had no idea why she was there at first.

Honestly, I still find it tricky to talk about single episodes at length for this series, I guess that is what I get for doing the first two seasons as bulk reviews. Anyway, this episode, considering the next eight will be a continuation of it, both seemed a little fast paced but also served as a great setup for everything that is going to unfold in the remaining episodes.

Perhaps this episode only felt rushed because of how many characters it was jumping between, perhaps not. They were really just the starting stories for all of them in the largest arc yet. Of course, the set up will be different compared to other arcs because of this. Perhaps that is why it felt like it did not follow the traditional plot outline. This is the highest point in terms of action, while it is not just time to wind down just yet, it certainly will be a more action related start compared to other arcs.

Now, there is one slight thing that bugs me, and honestly, I also do not mind it. The Right Seat of God members are now having an internal struggle. I can see William having some trouble deciding whose side he will be on, ultimately, I have a feeling he will choose the side of the princess. As for Vento to appear out of nowhere, well, it felt really out of nowhere. However, her goal was made clear quickly, she simply does not agree with the plan and wishes to go against it. Which honestly, is all she needs. If we knew more of the plan, well, her motives would be even more clear, but for right now, we will have to accept that reasoning since they are saving the big reveal for later.

Either way, certainly better compared to recent episodes, hopefully the whole arc stays at a consistent momentum. We are now in the final stretch.

Overall Score: B+

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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