It is weird to think that season one of Index aired a decade ago. Which means this rematch between Toma and Accelerator has been building up for a decade now. It is nice to see it wasn’t because Accelerator became a villain again but other things coming into play as well. Also Hamazura’s story is starting to feel like it was not as out-of-place as I originally thought. More on that in a bit, it is time to get right on into it.

The Plot:

Misaka Worst wakes up, and really starts to question why she is alive, how she is alright, and well, why Accelerator would save her.

While that is going on, Toma is talking to Lessar how he is conflicted with what Fiamma said. But Lessar tells him how he keeps moving forward and no one ever stopped him before for helping anyone. But Toma still thinks he is only helping Index for selfish reasons.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 1

Meanwhile Hamazua is taking on tanks and is in a struggle to save the village. At this point his story really seems pointless, like, is he that important. Apparently, he is considered one of the big three protagonists, but compared to Accelerator and Toma he feels really out-of-place right now. Still, I guess only time will tell where he all connects to this.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 2

The British versus France side of the war, well, yeah, that is going well, the second princess is motivating her troops. The French bring in the Maiden of Versailes, who has a part of the sword Durandal, which is already really strong. Luckily the princess Carissa still has a fragment of Curtana, and thus can pull up an even match between the two.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 3

Then it finally happens. Toma’s car pulls up to Accelerator, who is currently in his berserker angel like mode. The two begin to fight. Accelerator is honestly even more furious now seeing that Toma was the hero who saved all the sisters. Yet, Toma never did save Last Order, which made Accelerator do it. Thus, the two fight.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 4

Back to Hamazura he puts a plan into action, only to have a helicopter attack him.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 5

Now the fighting between Accelerator really kick up, neither are holding back, except Toma who hasn’t really said anything. Accelerator is still furious and shouting about how Toma is a hero and how he had to take on a villain role to save Last Order, since that all he is good for. Toma then gives a speech that reminds me back to the Sisters Arc, with a twist. You do not need to be a hero or villain to want to help someone, just doing it is more than enough reason to do it. Which for once his own speech opens up his own eyes. Accelerator goes down, and Toma does his old Cancel Ever Issue with his Right Hand, on Last Order to remove her sickness.

Hamazura is saved but William, that was about it for his story this episode. Which as of right now is the only means of connection to the arc.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 9

The Princess continues her fight and mentions how that the Roman Catholics are not giving the orders to France, it is Feamma. Also, the Russians plan to launch nukes as part of Feamma’s plan.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 10

The episode ends with Misaka seeing a picture of Toma in Russia, thus heading to Russia. Meltdown aka Mugino Shizuri still having a meltdown over what Hamazura did to her, thus she is also going to Russia. And Toma finally realizing why he needs to save Index.

Index S3 Ep 20 Pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

The biggest issue I have had with the last few episodes is Hamazura and his role in all of this. It comes off as unimportant. I mean I know at the end of the last arc he is the chaos factor and a completely unpredictable factor, which makes him so important now. But, I am still not used to him for one, he appeared at the very end of season 2 and now became important this season. These last few episodes his story felt like it could have easily been left out with no consequences. Of course, this episode leaves him off meeting William, which at least gives some satisfaction on how he is going to start the connection with everyone. Still, it felt really out-of-place leading up to this, in fact it felt like his whole story so far has come off that way.

Now, as for the real headliner this episode, Toma versus Accelerator, the long-awaited rematch, that certainly Accelerator was hoping for, or not seeing that the last time Accelerator got a glimpse of Toma back at the end of season two it put him into a fit of rage. Still, it was long-awaited, and as I already said, I am glad it wasn’t him becoming a villain again, but on other terms, terms that would help bring the two together. It was also nice to see Toma make a realization on his typical speech too. For once he wasn’t doing a lot of talking during the fight, which only added to this realization, it was nice to see this one-sided exchange with Accelerator. Sure, Toma probably did not have any real clue as to what was going on, but it was still interesting and nice to see how Accelerator really sees Toma, as a hero, and he can only do his best as a villain to protect Last Order.

The drama this episode was certainly nice, and that long-awaited reunion, honestly was pulled off right, it could have easily gone wrong, but the way it was done, brought everything that was built up the past two seasons for Accelerator to full circle, at least in terms of how he sees Toma.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

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