On a side note, I never like falling behind on shows I am watching, more so with reviews, since there is always the chance of getting spoiled. Given the fact I am behind (at the time of posting this) 4 episodes, well, I am amazed with an ending like this, I did not get spoiled on it. I really did not see this ending coming. But, if anything, this finalizes the fact the series is now entering the final arc. So, with that said, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Mob’s cult is looking for him, apparently with the events of the previous episode they were able to find out where Mob goes to school. Thus, Tome wants to try to convince Mob to reveal himself because it would be fun.

Of course, her asking to meet Mob, well, Dimple seems to feel a bit indifferent on Mob’s lack of hoping it would be to ask him out. Now, it turns out the yearly school marathon is about to happen. Tome tells Mob how they will not be able to do it next year, which gets Mob to worry. He plans that by next year he will place in the Top 10, which would make him get the courage to ask out Tsubomi. This comes to a shock to everyone, especially since Mob decides to speed up the process.

Reigen decides to help him, despite being booked and out of shape.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 8 pic 6

Mob’s brother and Teruki (who honestly really wasn’t seen at all this season outside of the opening theme) help out Reigen, since he gave Mob some time off. Of course the one day Mob is not at work Tsubomi and her friend shows up. Turns out they are hoping to get some relationship advice. Although Tsubomi does ask for some as well, it was just to test Reigen, and all honesty she knew he could be trusted since she was able to make out a picture of Mob on the wall.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 8 pic 7

Anyway, it is the day of the race. Mob’s parents, friends, and even Reigen ( who runs alongside Mob) is there to cheer him on. I did like the fact that Tsubomi was about to cheer on Mob but held back. It really helps her character, seeing she has always admired Mob at a distance, and wants minimal contact to help his growth, Afterall Mob is trying to change for her, and if she says anything to him he would not change any further.

Ultimately Mob falls unconscious. It turns out his brother placed 9th, while Mob certainly placed at least in the top 75, which is a massive improvement compared to being in the bottom ten a year before.

Then Ritsu answers the door, which is where in the final few minutes of the episode really become spoiler filled. Unfortunately, I do need to talk about it. It is Shou, the absurdly powerful psychic from Claw, who appeared at the end of last season. Yeah, he does not look very happy.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 8 pic 10

Back to Mob, Dimple notices smoke, coming from Mob’s house. Rushing home Mob sees his house in flames, he walks in, staying calm knowing how his parents are. But, that quickly changes when he opens a door. Dimple tries to stop him, but Mob sees three bodies burning. With no signs of his family, Mob assumes the worst, thus losing control to end the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

For starters, that ending I really did not see coming. I mean, as of right now, I see this going one of two ways. The first being those really where Mob’s parents, and this will cause a massive shift in his emotions. But, that really does not feel like it would really happen. What sounds about right is that those were not Mob’s parents and something else is going on. I only say this because it was intentional that his brother and parents were left out of the preview for the next episode. Everything I even saw for the episodes to this point showed no sign of them. Still, in my gut, I cannot see them killing off his parents and brother. The damage on Mob would be too great, however, this being the final arc, well, a shift in focus could still make sense, if done correctly.

Now, as for the rest of the episode, well, again, it was still good. The last two episodes stepped away the psychic and fight aspects, and really worked great. This episode was about Mob, who finally has goals, and is trying to achieve them. I really liked the line from his teacher pointing out Mob seems happier, and it just helps to show how far he has come since the start of the series.

But, as I already said I did like Tsubomi’s role in this episode. Because let’s face it, she does like Mob. But, she is really is not a cheering type for him. She knows he does his best when she is not there to cheer him on since he is trying his best to be someone who she will like, even though she already likes him. She still respects that and would like to see him change, since he is trying to be a better person.

This episode had a lot going for it when originally, I did not think too much about it. It went from an episode I thought was just going to pass time only to turn into something much greater than what it was originally intended to do.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Overall Score: A-

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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