With how this episode played out, I am honestly glad Mob was unconscious for a second episode in a row. It worked well, but more on that later. Let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Teruki, he is rather shaken up from the loss. He said he loses a lot of confidence, and well, it was like that back when he lost to Mob. So, he is really unsure about this fight.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 10 pic 1

Everyone looks to Reigen for a plan, who at first says they should not fight. It is too dangerous after all. But he then gets a call about the fire at his office, the insurance company does not count psychic attacks, so he is now penniless. Thus, changes his plans to a full-blown attack, mostly so he can catch the fire starter.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 10 pic 2

Then switching over to Ritsu, turns out his new friend, Shou, thinks Ritsu has the potential to surpass Mob. Him and his friends are then attacked by one of the Ultimate 5, and Shou and Ritsu go on ahead while the other nameless three stay behind.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 10 pic 3

Meanwhile Reigen’s plan goes into action. One team starts as a distraction, while another goes in through the sewers to get right to the boss, take out the boss and everything else should crumble. That is the plan anyway.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 10 pic 4

Reigen however is staying behind to watch over Mob, where they are then attacked. But luckily Reigen still had a powerful curse spray on him that he took from one of the Claw members back in season one, turns out it was rather useful. That is until a muscle-bound psychic appears, and after getting sprayed a few times, only causes him to get stronger and angrier. Dimple even had to take control of Mob to escape in time.

However, upon escaping, Dimple makes his way into a crowd, only to then see Tsubomi, so, he throws himself in harm’s way, otherwise if Mob found out that Dimple did not use his body to protect Tsubomi Mob would whip him out of existence in an instant. Of course, the hit he receives is so strong that it knocks Dimple out of Mob’s body. Also at some point the nameless three lose their fight.

Then the Fitness Club finds Mob’s body. They then protect him with all their might from the muscle-bound psychic. It is only when Dimple takes control of their leader they get the upper hand. After all muscle by psychic powers is no match for natural muscle boosted by psychic powers. Mob then wakes up and saves the day there.

The episode ends with Ritsu and Shou prepared to fight Shou’s dad.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 10 pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

Like I said at the start, I did enjoy how this episode started. I mean, with how last episode was I kind of wish the action kicked off a bit more. But, it is certainly going into it rather slowly. Mob being out of the picture did help give a chance for the other characters a time to shine. At the same time the villains for this arc are played up to be insanely powerful, so, it feels like there is too much of a power gap, one that will be on Mob’s level, it just feels like it is bound to overshadow everyone else in an episode or two in some cases.

Still, it was nice to see even the non-psychic characters a chance to show off. I mean, the fitness club has only really served as a means for Mob to get a normal school life. But, this episode help show what Mob means to them. Even though they are super buff middle schoolers, which honestly sometimes I forget seeing them, seeing Mob try his hardest boosts their morale. Mob’s effect on people has been showing up a lot the past few episodes, Reigen recently, and now his clubmates. It is nice to see this change that he was able to bring about in them. Of course, Mob does not realize this, but, if he does, well, he probably will not change too much.

Now, this episode also gave a certain set up for plot. Mob’s brother and Shou I get the feeling will be getting into a fight with another Ultimate 5 member next episode. I doubt Mob will start fighting, well, any big-time foes, but, next episode will probably continue the focus on everyone else. It seems right, and it was kind of like that at the end of last season. Mob did not do too much fighting until the end. Plus, if he shows up, well, there is certainly going to be a shift in how the villains go on the attack. It might be interesting since they are certainly the strongest Mob will ever face, but, only time will tell.

While this episode did serve as a nice step away from Mob, the action felt lacking a bit, I mean, sure, the fight with one of the Ultimate 5 members, but even then, felt a little lackluster. But, I can see why, he was fighting brand new characters, it would not be as interesting to see him fight the long-time ones. So, it was intentional, but necessary.

Either way, still a good episode. It is certainly starting off a little slower than normal, but I find that okay this time around.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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