Normally with the episode count dwindling I find myself doing some long-winded thoughts at the start of the episode. Honestly the last few, and even this one I find it hard to say much, so, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Following the previous episode, the Claw member who said he was betraying Teruki’s group, well, it was a lie to get the upper hand. Although, they did not believe him at first. Teruki then decides to put on the counter attack instead of just service as a distraction.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 1

Meanwhile Ritsu gets into a fight with the teleporter. Things do not look good for him, considering well, this teleporter can dodge any attack he senses, making him good at counter attacks.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 2

Mob is starting to get a grasp of the situation. He sees people robbing a store using their psychic powers, which certainly gets him angry. While these are not natural psychics, and easy to dispatch. One of the Ultimate 5 show up and put Mob at a disadvantage.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 3mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 4


Back to Ritsu, well, he is getting beaten rather badly, but, Ritsu and some of the Claw members show up to get a cheeky hit in. However, even with half a dozen people hitting him is tricky. But honestly it did not matter this was one awesome scene.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 5

As for Mob, well, he is put into a slight corner due to the countless number of pawns trying to hit him. But, the spirit controller from Claw shows up, he proves to be rather helpful, at least for a few seconds. He then gets hit, and a certain vial gets taken. It gets broken and releases the spirit he could not control, Minori. Who honestly does help in the fight. He takes down the Ultimate 5 member and tells Mob how he could be invisible if he combines his kindness and learns about making the hard choice in being harsh with people.

Now onto Shou, his dad apparently has a really strong barrier. Shou pulls out all the stops in an attempt to take on his father, but it is ultimately no use, he is insanely strong.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 9

Now back to Teruki’s fight. Well, he has an idea. The teleporter claims that the Claw members are nothing more than rejects. He is superior and would be the strongest in the world, if not for his boss. Teruki on the other hand retorts that he is in fact really weak. He was able to predict and counter the teleporter’s attacks since he was becoming predictable. It is in this moment of back and forth when the fight kicks off, where the members get the upper hand from the teleporter’s doubts.


This, while effective, backfires. The teleporter gets the upper hand sensing everything around him. Then Mob appears. His powers are off the charts, he inches ever closer, which honestly worries the psychic teleporter. Then Reigen appears out of no where and punches the life out of him. The teleporter takes this as Reigen is able to hide his psychic energy. Thus, he disappears, after angering Mob since he said he did this for fun, and honestly since he angered Mob he might have turned a new leaf.

The episode ends with Mob taking Minori’s advice and being a bit harsh, saying to all his allies to stay behind since they will just get in his way. He does not want to see them hurt after all. Reigen tells Dimple to go with Mob to be on the safe side.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 11 pic 16

Overall Thoughts:

As I said earlier, that one fight with the teleporter, it was just so beautifully done. I mean that scene was probably a nightmare to animate but the result was just amazing. I really hope the final fight looks as good as that. Like, just wow. I am at a lost for words seeing that.

Still, that was one of the highlights for the episode, the other had to be with Reigen. It caught me off guard and I honestly stopped breathing from laughing too hard. It was just perfectly timed and a nice way to end the fight. One that also made sense too, he did make it, so he could only sense psychics.

This episode feels like there is not much more to say, the animation was really good this time around and the fighting was done nicely. I felt completely satisfied and finding myself wanting to watch more, which surprisingly I did not feel like at the start of this season. It certainly is kicking off and staying strong too. Hopefully it can keep this up.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A-

Crunchyroll has licensesed this series, Dark Horse Comics is now releasing the manga in the US.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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