Well, normally by now seeing that the new season of anime typically starts soon, I know what to do for reviews. But, I honestly have no idea. It is one of two possible things. The first being either I do review something, or it is bulk reviews. It really depends what gets licensed where.

Now, as for the previous season’s reviews, I will be wrapping those up for the next week straight because I fell behind.

Normally I do not bring up what I do on Anime Corps, but, today kind of marks the 5th Year anniversary for that site. So, feel free to congratulate all the other member’s there for the last 5 years: HERE. I do have a special post planned, seeing I am the editor there.

Also, I will be doing something new there as well. Something I honestly was thinking about doing here at one point, only never did. It is because of this I will not be doing seasonal impressions here. Instead over at Anime Corps, be it weekly or bi-weekly, I will be posting my round-up for what I watched the previous week or so for the shows I am watching. I always wanted to do a post like there, but, considering I primary do weekly reviews here, I figured it would be a nice change of pace and work as a means to try to be a bit more consistent with what I am watching over the course of a seasons.

It really feels weird, I mean I typically have what I am doing planned for here. But, for once it is super on the fence for what I might do weekly reviews for or bulk reviews for. I honestly have no clue what to do, and sure today might be April Fool’s day, but this is no joke.  So, for once I am ending the update post rather short.

As always, feel free to give suggestions for what you would like to see here.

– Joe