Seeing this arc is three volumes long it is starting to feel like now that we reached the half way point the series is turning more into focusing on assembling of all sides, well, maybe all the heroes anyway. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, an angel has appeared, Gabriel, I guess, Toma calls her something different and everyone calls the angel something different. Either way Fiamma has control of them.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 1

Toma runs into Sasha Kruezhev, who he believes has something to do with the Angel, since I mean she did have a connection to Angel Fall back in that arc in season one. The only difference between that arc and this one is that Toma is meeting the real Sasha for the first time.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 2

Hamazura’s girlfriend is all better. So, yay for him. Also it turns out the village they were staying at had some Nukes hidden underneath, and they will be attacked at any moment, so those two decide to go fight and protect that village for being nice to them. This of course is the last we see of them this episode.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 3

Onto Accelerator, who turns out that paper he has been trying to figure out what it does for the last five or, so episodes might be the final piece that Fiamma needs. He, of course in typical fashion, plans to not go quietly into the night and bring the fight to Fiamma since the angel in the sky might be the key to saving Last Order. He vows to do just that before being like Hamazura and not appearing for the rest of the episode.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 4

As for Toma, well Sasha isn’t exactly too friendly with him. Toma does think that she might still be connected to the angel, which only gets him hit with a crowbar. Also at some point he finds out Fiamma might be attempting to bring out an artificial son of god.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 5

In Rome, the old Pope is leading a group of people. Well, he no longer wants to be Pope. The person working with Fiamma, he vows to get elected Pope, which that is all the guy wanted. This is so that the old Pope could get into the library and find a means to stop Fiamma, the same library by the way where Index read all those grimoires. But, the soon to be pope, well, his betrayal to Fiamma kind of backfired and he had no means to stop him.


Now back to the area below the star, both Maiden of Versailes and Carissa get into a fight with the angel. Apparently, they somehow made it here in just what seems to be a few hours. Although, given the exact location of where they were it is uncertain exactly how far they traveled or knew how to get there. Either way they fight the angel.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 8

Then the Deus Ex Machina happens and one of the pieces of Curtana Second Shards breaks, only for her to pull like eight more out of nowhere.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 12

The episode ends with Kazakiri showing up to save the day. Also, Misaka learning that a nuke is about to be fired.

Index S3 Ep 22 Pic 13

 Overall Thoughts:

Compared to the previous episode, I enjoyed it a lot more. Sure, I did have a slight problem with Carissa pulling out multiple shards out of nowhere, I mean, she could have easily pulled out a second one during her fight with the Maiden of Versailes, then again there is the fact she was trying to recruit her. Still, it felt like that came out of nowhere, and was just there to save her in a tight situation. But, even with that issue, I did like it, since I am a sucker for power boosts in tight situations.

Still, this is coming back to Hamazura’s part. They been bringing up the fact that there was Nukes in that town, yet, now after reading about it he finally decides to go back. Now, I am probably wrong about this, since a lot have been going on the past two episodes so I mean, I might have confused it with one of twenty different story lines. But this makes it feel like this town is the part where Hamazura’s wildcard factor is really going to come into play.

Either way, not much to talk about, honestly I kind of wished I did this as a bulk review since this arc would have been a lot easier to talk about in groups of three over individual episodes. Still, this was an improvement over the last episode.

Overall Score: B

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