Once more it feels like some aspects are left out, but, given the fact on what the title of the next episode is called, hopefully it gets some focus to clear up what to me, I have no idea of what is going on for. In this case, I am referring to Index and what has been going on with her the past few episodes. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

The episode starts of with the title character, Index attacking Stiyl. Nothing else happens and the scene ends. Again, I am still confused by this on who is making her out of control. The two scenes she was in the last few episodes not much was explained, and it felt like what was going on here was swept under the rug.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 1

As for the real meat of the episode, Kazakiri is fighting the archangel, and is holding her ground rather well. Then Accelerator shows up. It turns out that the archangel sensed the parchment on Accelerator, and thus is going to retrieve it.

Onto Hamazura, he warns the village about the nukes, and goes off to deal with it. While some of the villagers offered to help Hamazura turned them down, since he doesn’t want them to get hurt, also not tell Academy City guards since it might speed up the launch process on the nukes.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 4

Back to the fight with the archangel. Now that Accelerator has joined the fight, and is honestly holding back on fighting Kazakiri, the two get beaten fairly badly.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 5

William on the other hand mentally talks with Fiamma. He has a plan to stop him, even if it kills himself in the process. Thus, he puts his plan into action.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 6

Meanwhile Toma realizes that Fiamma needed the Star to summon and sustain the archangel. He is also in the middle of breaking a lot of Fiamma’s things thanks to the power of his right hand.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 7

As for the fight with Kazakiri and Accelerator, well, Willaim did his part, and the Archangel is about to explode. Accelerator is unsure if he can contain the blast. But thanks to a power boost from Kazakiri the two manage.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 8

As for William, well, he is dying, and accepts that. That is until Hamazura shows up and gives William the pep talk he needed.

Toma is then confronted by Fiamma. And Fiamma gives the “Villain Speech” reveal the plans since there is no way the hero can stop him, that kind of speech. His plan is simple, change the order of the elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, so he can become more powerful. It is all about power.

The episode ends with Hamazura making it to the bunker, only to have Academy City attack.

Index S3 Ep 23 Pic 13

Overall Thoughts:

Serious the whole Index thing the past few episodes have been a bit confusing, since one, not much happens, and two it was just for two short scenes in three episodes. It felt like a lot was missing there. I mean, it is not only that, but it comes off as rather important to, which is the messed-up thing. If not for that then I would not be talking about it.

Anyway, as for the rest of the episode. I did like Accelerator and Kazakiri’s fight. I did not like the fact that Accelerator wanted to fight Kazakiri, he seems smart enough to read the intentions of others, and honestly, it felt like he would have known that Kazakiri would have been on his side. But, who knows. Either way, I doubt the two will fight.

It was not only that fight against the archangel, but also Accelerator reflecting on what Toma said to him recently, that flashback worked well, and certainly gave more weight to this development he is having, and also the impact Toma has on people.

Overall this episode was pretty good, had plenty of action, but honestly still feels like a hard follow-up fight compared to the previous major one with Toma against Accelerator. At least with Hamazura he is starting to feel more important with each passing episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B

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