The more I hear about Fiamma’s plan in taking off Toma’s arm the more I think about the Deep Blood arc, and what happened when Toma lost the arm in which Imagine Breaker calls home. This episode certainly helps add a bit more lore into that famous arm of his. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, starting where the last episode ended, Accelerator finding an unconscious Last Order in the car. Well, Kazakiri gives Accelerator a nice tip on how to cure Last Order. She knows how Index works, and the song that was sung should still be in Last Order’s mind, Accelerator just needs to find it. Of course, Kazakiri can’t really help since she slowly disappears as her powers been used up.

Index S3 Ep 24 Pic 1

Enter Hamazura, it turns out the being who fell from the sky is none other than Meltdown aka Shizuri. He gets beat up pretty badly. She also takes a bunch of ability crystals that cause her powers to go berserk. She the collapses, and Hamazura apologizes for everything he did. He also blames Academy City for setting the two up to begin with and thus the two settle their differences. As for Hamazura’s girlfriend, well, she was nowhere to be seen this entire scene.

Back in England, and honestly going off the title of the episode I thought some information was going to be given, but no, either way Stiyl fights Index, but is hesitant to do so. Also I am starting to make some sense of what is going on and they are trying to break Index free from the control, I think, still really uncertain what is going on.

Index S3 Ep 24 Pic 5

As for the rest of the episode, Toma and Fiamma talk. Fiamma believes the world can be saved with the combined power of Index, his power, and Toma’s. Of course, he will then reshape the world to believe in the church.  Toma’s hand also has little effect, but he still holds his own even when Fiamma starts attacking using Index’s knowledge.

That is until Toma gets cut off mid Toma Speech, and gets his arm cut off. Yeah, did seem pretty painful as Fiamma then absorbed it.

Index S3 Ep 24 Pic 10

But then the whole “The power wasn’t in the right hand” thing comes into play. I am so glad I rewatched this show last year otherwise I would have forgotten this. Either way this time Toma is conscious. He tells his beserker hand to cool it, and his arm reforms. Clearly his Imagine Breaker has a mind of its own and certainly more power than Toma lets on. Although, he probably did not know his arm was going to reform.

Index S3 Ep 24 Pic 11

Anyway, Toma then kicks off his speech, how Fiamma in no way can save anyone since he does not know the value of saving an individual’s world like he does. The Star was only made so big to compensate the fact that Fiamma by no means knew what it would take to save anyone. Of course, he is frustrated, but, the two continue this back and forth pretty much ending the episode, minus Misaka asking a Sister if she knows how to fly a jet.

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly this episode got better as time when on. I liked how it worked out. It gave just enough attention to Accelerator to be given that new information, Hamazura and Shizuri’s arc came to a close, with a new threat on the way, and of course with the major part of the episode being Toma and Fiamma, it still felt right and covered a majority of the episode. It had the nice balance, but not too much action. It gave both the attention each part needed and certainly helped with the build up for what is to come.

As for Toma’s right hand, well, it is nice that it is never fully explained, since moments like this episode really worked to its advantage of being able to show that there is more to it than what we have known so far, and even Toma too. Even he said he cannot really explain it, he just knew by instinct. I honestly liked that. Didn’t like the fact his arm just reformed, I thought it would have been cooler with the dragon arm like in the Deep Blood arc. Speaking of which was a nice thing to show all the early arcs and their relevancy in Toma learning the value of saving an individual’s world to throw into that speech.

The only real issue I had with this arc really comes down to this. It felt like with Toma’s speech they are gearing up for the final next episode. Granted there are two episodes left, so, certainly there is something else that will crop up given the time that there is left.

Either way, it was a fine episode and an improvement compared to some of the recent ones.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: A

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