It is weird to think that this day came. The first series of Index is over. Honestly, I do hope they adapt New Testament, the sequel series. I just really hope we don’t have to wait another eight years and Index’s third series to be 20 volumes in like how it is now. Anyway, enough about that. It is weird that my reviews of this show have been going on for about a year and a half now, I started with the original as a rewatch and now, the final season comes to a close. But, let’s get right into it, one last time.

The Plot:

Last Order is fully healed, yay, Accelerator did it!

He plans to go and figure out what exactly is going on with the sky, granted when he flies away we do not know if he does anything or not, certainly they left that part out. But, anyway, Accelerator gains a new world view, and takes Toma’s words to heart of being willing to reach a hand out to save someone. Thus, his black wings turn white and he gains a halo, as he flies off.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 3

Toma and Fiamma’s fight continues. Index’s control backfires on him, giving Toma enough time to land the punch he needed. Thus, putting an end to all problems with the punch all method. That good luck or bad luck moment was really good considering this series and Toma.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 4

With the Star collapsing, and only one emergency escape pod left, Toma puts Fiamma onboard. Fiamma questions if someone like him, who does not know the true value of the world, is worth saving, Toma simply tells him to go on and find it for himself.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 6

Misaka then shows up to save Toma, but, ultimately, Toma tells her to go on. One, she can’t land, and two he has other things left to do on the Star.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 7

He runs into the thing controlling Index, who is appears before him. He is uncertain if he will make it off the star. So, he tells her the truth, how all this time he has had no memory, how he has been hiding this the whole time. Index doesn’t care, she just wishes for him to come home safety.

Then with the star collapsing, Toma finds a way to crash it into the Arctic Ocean. But, the problems do not end there. Misha Kruexzhev, the archangel, she is heading there too. Since she resides over water, well, it is likely her powers will go berserk. So, Toma crashes the star into her. In his “Final Moments” he lands a punch to put an end to her.

The comes the wrap up part. Hamazura gets attacked, while trying to find anything on Academy City to make him worth being alive. Turns out the person coming to take his girlfriend and leader, well, ends up dropping a few leaks. The Parameter List is a list with all the students and their utmost capabilities in being an esper, it is all known in advance. Hamazura’s girlfriend also has the potential of being the 8th level 5 esper. Thus, the villagers attack to back him up and Hamazura has a few questions.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 13

At some point Accelerator gets both captured and escaped, nothing else to be said.

Then something surprisingly honestly happened and I was honestly in disbelief seeing it at first too. Fiamma emerged from the capsule, only to have none other than Aleister Crowley out of his tank there to great him. Aleister then tries to kill Fiamma for learning or at least attempting to learn the truth of Toma’s right hand.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 14

There are a few moments with Kazakiri. Misaka looking for Toma. The war ending as well. And Fiamma, half dead, being confronted by two people.

The series ends with Toma just waking up in the ocean.

Index S3 Ep 26 Pic 18

Overall Thoughts:

For starters I will be looking at this individual episode, this arc, and this series as a whole. This is the final episode, I might as well go all out.

For starters this episode was a nice way to wrap up, granted yes it did build up and give answers to some things, that quiet frankly did not receive an answer to until the sequel series. A lot of characters thought Toma died. Well, he didn’t, since the show added that scene. Now, I see nothing wrong with it, it certainly helps boast the possibility of the sequel getting adapted. If they killed him off, one it would have annoyed a lot of fans that don’t read the light novel, and really help open the possibility of the sequel being adapted.

On the next note, Accelerator flying off then being captured, clearly something as missing there. So, yeah, kind of obvious.

Lastly, and this relates to both this arc and series as a whole, Hamazura’s arc was pointless. Now, there might be something else going on in the light novels, but it felt really pointless come the ending. Maybe it relates more to the sequel. Sure, it gives some insight, such as all espers being predetermined if their powers will grow stronger. But, his wildcardness wasn’t too much. He did give a moral boost to William, but even then, when the hands were attacking he just walked on, we don’t know if he continued the fight. It really felt like something major was left out. While this episode did help give a conclusion to his whole arc, it still felt like a side story that if taken out from this entire season as a whole, nothing would have been missed. He did not really run into Accelerator, except once, and never even had anything to do with Toma. The previous arc built him up to be some sort of cog in the plan Aliester was forming, only to not really do much.

Now, for this season overall. It was alright, again the 25 percent that is Hamazura’s arc felt like it could have been skipped. But, the later half of the season really suffered from the episode count. Sure, there were more episodes than usual for Index, but, this final arc felt like it had to skip over a lot. A lot of the arcs did. If this show was three cour, which case they easily could have adapted some of the side stories to fill in some of the extra episodes, it could have easily taken its time with the final arc. But, unfortunately, that was not the case. More than anything, that is where this season lacks the most is the number of episodes.

Now, as a series, it still does not feel like the end. End of the first half, quarter, or whatever, it still does not feel like an End for Index, which I mean technically it isn’t. It is the end of a major arc for the series, that much is certain. But, the end in general, yeah, it does not give that feeling at all. They really built up too much for them to say no to the sequel series.

But of the three seasons so far, this one had more action and really served as a connection with all three seasons. It gave insight on the lessons Toma learned in the first season and related it to the conflicts Toma has faced since the second season. It might not wrap everything up, but it did tell at least part of a whole story, while leaving up to a massive world that was built up this whole time.

So, with all that said, I think it is time to wrap up. I am still bias for this series, and season 3 did not make me waiver on giving up on being one of my favorite series. So, keep that in mind for the score.

Personal Enjoyment: 99/100

Episode Score: A-

Season Score: C

Series Score: B

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe