Well, just when you thought Index reviews were done on this blog, well, it is time to start doing a rewatch of the spin off before its third season airs. Now, both seasons I have never rewatched. The first season I watched after finishing the second season of Index almost seven years ago. I remember not enjoying it as much as Index. I was still new to anime so some of the moments I remember not liking because of it. But times have changed, a third season will be out within the year, so, while A Certain Magical Index Season three may have come to an end, it is time to start a journey anew and do more bulk reviews that will ultimately start months in advance before rushing at the very end before the third season airs. With that said, let’s get started.

Episode 1:

So, while this show did air between season 1 of Index and season 2, this episode was mostly setting up Misaka and her crew’s meeting. Kuroko might be seen in index from time to time, but the other two, Satan and Uiharu are rather lacking in appearances. So, this episode was setting up Misaka’s first meeting with Satan and Uiharu.


Honestly this episode reminded me one reason why I was not as much of a fan of this spin off. While the action certainly is good, the series ramps up Kuroko as more of a pervert, Satan sometimes is. It is like how Toma acts at the start of an arc at school, only it lasts almost the entire time with Kuroko. It is this reason that really brings down my enjoyment factor for this series, because it seems like it tries to be a joke way too often, at least with Satan it is far and few in between but Kuroko it is seemingly every other scene or the starting or ending of one when she is with Misaka.

Still, regarding this episode, it was nice to see a different side of Academy City, the more school life and science side that is not always the focus of Index.

Episode 2:

This really was just a filler episode that can be summed up so easily. Kuroko’s perverted antics towards Misaka. That’s it, twenty minutes of it being just that.


It was thanks to this episode that I remembered something from seven years ago, I struggled with the start of this season. This episode being one reason why. I just finished Index and expected more, not just perverted moments. I mean, yes, this episode did help give some sense to the relationship that Kuroko and Misaka have. They still only knew one another for about a month at this time, so, the two are really still getting to know one another.

I did like the start with the subtle fight between Misaka and Toma, this is before his amnesia, as some of this arc takes place prior to the first arc of Index. It does however end after the first arc. So, it certainly was nice to see some pre-amnesia Toma, even if not much changed. Still, it felt like it hasn’t been answered what the deal between the two are yet. This was just more for the series as a whole.

Episode 3:

So, this episode still seems somewhat like filler, but it at least works on the dynamics of the group, before they start actually do what team Misaka does. Still, a girl goes around drawing weird eyebrows on people, using her powers of invisibility. That is about it.

Railgun S1 Ep 3 Pic 1


Like I said, this was more about building the group than the over arching plot of this arc. I believe there were some hints for it, mostly how her powers should not have lasted as long as they did. I could be wrong since it has been several years since I saw this season. Still, considering my complaints the last few episodes have come from Kuroko, it was not an issue this episode.

Either way, not much more to say. I will talk about the overall thoughts for this arc when it is done, of course that will be around episode 12 or 13.

Score: C

Enjoyment: 80/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe