So, I took a sort of unintentional and unplanned and unannounced hiatus last month. Well, I am back, sort of. I took a break from anime as well. So, I am behind on everything. But, that certainly has me a little stuck right now. I am continuing my post series weekly to bi-weekly on my impressions over at Anime Corps. As for here, I don’t really have anything planned for this month. Next month I will be completely back into the swing of things with two possible weekly reviews. So, as for new content here this month, I might try to do another Railgun bulk review and maybe a post talking about my thoughts on Avengers End Game. But, there are no promises. As much as I don’t want to continue the hiatus here, I think it is time I take a bit of an extended break to not get too burnt out. So, don’t be surprised if I don’t post anything here this month or only get a post out. More than anything I just wanted to say this blog is not dead and keep this update way shorter than usual.

– Joe