After a two-month hiatus, the longest in this blog’s history, I am back. Certainly, my time away has made me want to write more. But, seeing the last two months I did not have anything new to review, and I kind of did not continue with the Railgun bulk reviews. Sure, I did do my bi-weekly posts on Anime Corps, but nothing new came out on here. In a way that bugged me. I also got really addicted to Skyrim and Fallout 4, a typical of this time of year, but still, enough beating around the bush, I am back, and there are plenty of stuff planned, and by plenty of stuff I mean two weekly reviews for this summer season.

So, what am I reviewing this season?

Well, given the fact I covered episode 0, I will be covering Lord El Melloi’s Case Files, aka Fate/Zero’s sequel that focuses on Best Boy as an adult. Cruchyroll got it, so I certainly should have no issues covering it. It will be nice to cover a serious Fate anime, and honestly, I been wanting to ever since Fate/Stay Cooking ended earlier this year.

The other show I plan on reviewing, is again, probably not a surprise, given the reviews I did the past year and a half, but A Certain Scientific Accelerator, another show featuring the best boy. Seriously summer is the season of the best boy spin offs. Either way, I heard that the manga is certainly not the greatest and this spin off is the weakest in the franchise. So, I am hoping the anime will be good, but my expectations for this series are surprisingly low.

Anyway, while I don’t have a massive amount of posts to bring forth from what I been working on the past two months, I kind of took a bit of a break from writing as well. So, I mean, yeah. But, anyway I do have two weekly reviews, which I rarely do on here, granted I was doing two weekly reviews earlier this year, but that is besides the point. Either way, I am back and next time hopefully the hiatus will be planned for and shorter.

– Joe