I been waiting for this since I covered episode 0 at the start of the year. It not only follows one of my favorite characters but is also a very different from the normal for the Fate/ series, no Holy Grail War or anything like that. So, this should be interesting. I also heard that the first bit of the show will be original before jumping ahead to covering volume 4 of the light novels, apparently the early volumes were not the greatest or did not do too much for the overall plot. Other than that, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

While the main series takes place 10 years after Fate/Zero, this episode pops between just a few months and three years after. Waver is captured by his former teacher’s niece. She has a few questions about him, on what lead him to buy the El Melloi’s class.

lord ell mallio case files ep 1 pic 1

He tells his tale on what happened. Several months after the Holy Grail War he wanted to learn more about Alexander the great. Oddly enough this takes him to his resting place, but also the same place of the man that killed him during the Holy Grail War, Babylon, the home of the first king, Gilgemesh.

Upon arriving, and helping a boy in trouble, he gets captured by a mage. Who has the rare Mystic Eyes ability, honestly it was nice seeing it in a Fate/Series for once compared to Type Moon’s other work.

lord ell mallio case files ep 1 pic 2

Anyway, upon his capture he runs into a “friend” from school, someone who basically paid for his trip to go to Japan. The two easily escape together.

lord ell mallio case files ep 1 pic 3

But, upon learning that the mage is trying to get an artifact from Alexander’s tomb, Waver decides to take action. Which after messing with the leyline, it was not an issue, and they escape for real. Upon leaving he asks his friend for a favor, as he learned the death of his mentor not too long earlier, that he wishes to purchase the class.

lord ell mallio case files ep 1 pic 4

Back to him telling the story, the niece asks Waver why he did it. He simply responds that he wishes to give students the opportunity to learn what he was taught. He might have hated his teacher, but he was a damn good teacher and he still looks up to him a lot. He also feels guilty for his teacher’s death, even though he was not the direct cause of it.

Anyway, to help with his guilt, Waver is given the task, one to repay the debt the family has racked up, two, to somehow find a means, which might take three generations, to fix the magic crest of the family, and lastly to take up the position of Lord while the niece comes of age. He agrees to it all, but, instead of taking up the mantle of Lord El-Melloi, he decides to take up the mantel of Lord El-Melloi II, as the burden would be too great on him.

In the present day El-Melloi now has a new case.

Overall Thoughts:

I did like this first episode. I am not counting episode 0 as episode 1, since well, that was more than anything just a preview. This episode help bridge the gap on what happened to Waver after Fate/Zero, while it did give some insight onto who he was, it also did not come off as completely necessary to see Fate/Zero to understand this episode. Still, if you are watching this, it probably would be good to see Fate/Zero to enjoy his character more. But, that is all in the past, and honestly, he did a lot of changing, and this episode really help show both his resolve on putting what he learned from his servant and dealing with why he now has a new role. Maybe his guilt will not be as strong now in the present, but, there is no saying it won’t be. Both seemed to make a lasting impact to him to get Waver to where he is now. This episode help shows that in several ways. It also took away any form of unnecessary exposition, or really anything else that could be brought up later down the line. It helps cement the ideas of who he is now without really getting into the fact of what he does now.

This episode was all about characterization of Waver, and not too much of the overall plot. I think that is fine, mostly due to the fact this is a sequel series, and it had to reestablish who the main character was, especially with how much he then changed. I heard about Lord Melloi II before, but it took me even longer to learn that he was in fact an adult Waver. Also, he was in Fate/Apoco, so that really gets me curious on that whole messed up timeline universe. But, that is a story for another day, whenever I decide to watch it.

Either way I enjoyed this episode a lot more, it took a different approach than I thought on what the first episode would be like and I am certainly glad for it.

Overall Enjoyment: B

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe