I honestly forgot the fact that this is based on a mystery series. Kind of, odd of me to forget something so obvious. So, that just means these reviews will be a bit more of a challenge, but, that is nothing new, I am certainly up for it. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Melloi is given a new case, and one with someone getting a lot of inheritance, so this might provide an opportunity to deal with some of his debt. A former student’s father was recently murdered and disembodied in his own house. A lot of mages are stumped by this, leading it to believe modern magic to be involved, Melloi just so happens to be an expert.

lord ell mallio case files ep 2 pic 1

Anyway, he notes a few things right of the bat, the structure of the building is similar to mage craft around celestial bodies, the house shape represents heaven and earth, and a few other details like that. It becomes clear that mage craft with how the body parts are presented.

lord ell mallio case files ep 2 pic 2

The question the comes down to howduntt. Mostly since there must be a key to the magic. Everyone in the building had a motive. That is, until the brother was killed. It is then Gray, Melloi’s assistant, her little buddy Add, notices something, the smell of the undead.

With that Melloi figures it out, they return the main scene, and well, he finds the guy’s soul. He apparently did it to himself to grant himself immortality but screwed up the ritual.

lord ell mallio case files ep 2 pic 6

Gray then swings into action in some clear references to more than likely her ancestor, Artoria. Let’s see there was Add showing the signs of the spear, and the obvious hair and eyes. Either way, Gray quickly becomes best girl and slays the evil spirit.

The episode ends with Melloi asking his student one last question, did she know the ritual would fail, and well, she obviously did, but Melloi has no proof, after all her dad was abusive, and technically killed himself.

Overall Thoughts:

I am just glad that the first mystery for the series is not one that went through several episodes. I hope all of them are like this, since honestly it would just make reviews easier, but it also makes it feel less dragged on and make the clues whatnot not be forgettable the following episodes. But, who knows.

This episode certainly was nice switch compared to the previous week. Sure, Gray is a bit of a mysterious figure, although it is pretty obvious who she is. Plus seeing that Artoria did scar Waver in his past, it again makes sense why Gray keeps the hood. As for how she became his apprentice, that is a story for another time. Either way, I like how it put all focus on the mystery. While it would have been nice to get a little something else, the mystery was the focus this episode and everything else will hopefully be sprinkled on as time moves forward.

This episode was enjoyable, I did find myself guessing who the killer was. I did not think of the fact that it was going to be the victim, but, that is the case when it comes to magic not all clues will be obvious, looking back it did make sense. Especially once Melloi did mention necromancy.

Either way, this will not be a mystery like what most people are used to, so hopefully there are plenty of twists along the way to come.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe