Well, it is finally here, the second spin off for A Certain Magical Index getting an adaptation. While Touma and Misaka are doing their own things in their own series, it is time to give some focus to the self-proclaimed most evil of all, Accelerator. This show takes place just after episode 18 of the first season of Index. So, no need to see the following two seasons to know what is going on in this series. So, let’s get started. Also, I have no idea how many episodes this season will have, my guess it will cover the first manga arc, which is 36 chapters long.

The Plot:

So, Anti Skill is investigating a crime. Apparently, someone stole something. That something is a high grade and experimental weapon.

Then enters the main characters, Accelerator and Last Order. Quick heads up for those that don’t know or don’t remember, Accelerator is the strongest level 5 essper, and Last Order is clone number 20001 for the Misakas.

Today marks a somewhat special day. Accelerator gets to take his bandages off after getting shot in the head saving Last Order. He doesn’t see it as anything special, but Last Order is putting in the effort to throw a little party together, getting her clones involved as well.

Then cue the villain for the episode. They want to attack Accelerator, as for why, that was a little unclear, and for all I know they changed their motive half way through the episode.  They stole the weapon and want to pick a fight with Accelerator. Anti-Skill goes to the hospital to try to put a stop to them but are useless.

Accelerator Ep 1 Pic 4

Then Accelerator shows up, and well, before he can put a quick stop to them the building falls nearly crushing Last Order. His wound reopens, and blood gets spilled on Last Order’s gift. This is the part when the bad guys decide to take the blood seeing that it could in theory make them rich now that they have the genetic material of the strongest essper in the world. So, they scurry off.

Accelerator Ep 1 Pic 5

Seeing Last Order upset, and also putting up his tough guy act, Accelerator goes and beats the baddies up. Thus, basically ending the episode with him returning the gift.

Accelerator Ep 1 Pic 6

The episode ends with a mysterious figure on the run from Anti Skill.

Overall Thoughts:

I think I know of an issue that is probably going to occur throughout this series that I may have. But first, I mean, Toma, he is clearly not the strongest, even with his power to nullify anything, Misaka, she also is not the strongest, and still has some issues when fighting others. Then there is Accelerator. Apart from Toma he never really had a major issue in a fight. So, I could easily see the fighting in this series seem boring. Sure, it is set in a time when he only just had the injury and is now getting used to the limit on his powers, but, he is still really over powered, and it feels like him being this powerful is only going to cause issues. But it all depends what happens in this series. If there is a lot of fighting, then it will be an issue. If fighting somehow takes a back seat, well, maybe not as much. It really just depends, but it certainly gives off a feeling this will be an issue, unless someone else’s powers get a focus on in this show.

Now, as for the episode itself, it certainly felt like a good means to introduce the characters, and at least establish a time frame of when it started for fans of the series and people that are not super into the series but decided to check it out. But, again, it certainly comes off as lacking something. But, unlike Index and Railgun, this is this show’s first episode, it did not already have multiple seasons prior, but, is now technically the sixth season in this franchise. So, it does not give off the same feeling because all the regulars are missing.

Overall this episode plot wise was alright. I am a fan of the franchise, so naturally I enjoyed it, but, not as much as I would have hopped for. Hopefully that will change as the plot progresses.

Overall Score: B-

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe