This episode was littered with references to other Fate series but also served as a means to hint at what is to come. It should be a nice reminder that while Fate/Apocrypha was referenced it does exist in an alternate timeline. Fate/Stay Night, being the sequel to Fate/Zero and this series also being a sequel to Fate/Zero, Stay Night takes place shortly after this one. With that in mind, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Waver’s sister is talking to an old guy about her brother, how he still thinks about the Holy Grail War a decade ago.

Meanwhile in class it is a bit apparent that Waver is a bit on edge when teaching. Luvia, who later becomes Rin’s rival, is attending the class. She is to have Waver be her tutor. She wonders why Waver is on edge, and apparently his favorite tea house where he gets all his work done is temporary closed down. Before Gray can go check on them, Waver’s sister asks to talk to Luvia.

Waver decides to do some investigating of his own, he really wants to get back to his norm and also make Gray worry less. And seeing that this deals with magic as the main focus for the series, no surprise, but magic is involved with tampering with the tea house. He continues to investigate, only to get attacked in the process.

Gray ends up calling Flat, a fellow classmate. Sven doesn’t like this fact as he really likes Gray. Also, apparently their other classmate was Fran’s Master in Apocrypha, but since that series doesn’t exist in this timeline, he is just a computer tech classmate.

lord ell mallio case files ep 3 pic 5

Anyway, once the three of them meet up they managed to find a beaten-up Waver. The two groups split up. Sven is informed to take Waver back and get a doctor, leaving Flat and Gray to find the issue.

After slaying one of the monsters, they do find the problem. A mage set up his workshop there. And before he can attack the apprentices Waver appears to arrest the mage. Apparently, he is on the verge of breaking the taboo that mysticism should be hidden from the general public. It was really easy to find out too, internet with the killings, electric bills everywhere skyrocketing, and a few more obvious clues. Thus, the mage lost his position.

The episode ends with Waver hearing the unsettling news that the Holy Grail war is going to happen again, and both positions are already taken from the members of the Mage’s association.

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Overall Thoughts:

I am honestly liking this one-episode mystery. But the mystery really felt like it took the back seat this episode, and everything happening behind the scenes felt like they were much more important. Despite not playing a major role this episode, with how much the Holy Grail War means and effected Waver, the reveal that it is happening again soon comes to a shock. Of course, those familiar with Fate/Stay Night know what happens. He is not a part of it. But it will be interesting if anything in this series has some relation to what happens to some of the masters in that series, before the series happen.

More than anything it felt like with that being the focus in the background this episode, that might be the direction the series may go. I could be wrong, as I never read the light novels, but who knows. I certainly wouldn’t mind it, but I do want to see how Waver reacts, and how he can overcome the hurdle he now faces. He does not want the Grail War to happen again now that he knows the truth, but he is certainly up against some major issues because of it.

Overall, aside from that, it was nice to see a bit more fighting. But it really feels like Waver comes off as rather weak in a fight, leaving it to his apprentices. Maybe he was just caught off-guard. At least, that is what I would like to tell myself. Either way, this was an alright episode.

Overall Enjoyment: A-

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe