I will say this now, I honestly did like how this episode played out. Normally Accelerator is going against foes who clearly know who he is, but for once we got the opposite. It made for a refreshing change of pace, and hopefully sets up well for what is to come. More on that in a bit, for right now let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

The episode begins with a girl trying to kill herself. She fails, only to then be killed by the people she thought was trying to save her. They clearly have some plans to use with her dead body.

Accelerator Ep 2 Pic 1

Anyway, the previous episode end with Antiskill chasing after a girl, who then revived a few dead dogs. Well, they are still after her, and now run into a hospital. She puts up a good fight too, only to be cause in Accelerator’s room, where at the time he used his powers to cancel out all sound. But it certainly got his attention when the girl left behind a picture of Last Order.

Accelerator quickly goes to the parking lot and quickly sees through the fake Antiskill. They are DA, and well, they don’t say more than that. But they also clearly have no idea who Accelerator is, since they are spouting stuff about justice and are willingly shooting, trying to run over Accelerator, and overall picking a fight with who they don’t realize is the strongest esper. They didn’t even realize he was an esper until they started shooting.

Accelerator Ep 2 Pic 4

Which ultimately prompts them to use their super weapon, a coffin. Which, yes, is basically that, as the power emitted from it is quite strong, but Accelerator wins, only to have a body fall out of a coffin like device.

Accelerator Ep 2 Pic 5

Accelerator fills in the real Antiskill before walking away. He runs into Last Order, who tells him he should not be out this late. Either way he makes it back to his room.

There the girl from earlier is waiting. She asks for help, and well, knows there may be a connection between these enemies, who she unintentionally helped create, and Last Order. So, Accelerator ultimately decides to take the fight to the enemies, even if it is just one of their secret hideouts. But that is next episode.

Accelerator Ep 2 Pic 8

Overall Thoughts:

As I said in the opener, I am glad we got to see a nice change of pace, with the person fighting Accelerator had not only no clue as to who he is but did not realize he was a level five until way after the fight. Also, it does throw into perspective on the possibilities on this evil organization Accelerator is now up against. They were able to enhance a level two to the power of a level four, so, what happens if they do it to a level three or even a level four. This certainly should make things interesting and even make things be a little more even to the strongest esper. More than anything out of this series is I want to see Accelerator have an even fight with something. These new foes certainly have the potential at providing that.

This episode felt like there is not much more to say. It felt rather straight forward, and helped set up what is to come, especially with the new girl. There is still some worry that this series might get boring, fight wise, but this episode certainly provided some hope. It is nice to see them throwing character development at Accelerator, to the point where you can see how he turns out much later in the series when dealing with the PTSD of the sisters experiment. Other than that, there is not much more to say. This was just giving a taste at potential for what is to come, it did not provide the meal I hoped for just yet.

Overall Enjoyment 90/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe