So, some might have noticed I have already fallen behind on my weekly reviews, which don’t typically happen this early in the season. I mean, normally I have an excuse for this. But, I honestly don’t. This time it is not video games to blame. No, it is me getting back into anime, or an anime I should say.

Some of you probably never heard about this show, it doesn’t have that many episodes, just about 900 and been going on for the last 20 years, One Piece. Joking aside, yeah, I got into One Piece. I tried a few years back but stopped rather early on. I gave it another shot, and the week and a half since I started watching it, I am already 150 episodes in. Which, it has been a long time since I was able to binge this many episodes of a long running series, plus being able to sit down and watch more than just two episodes back to back. Seriously in one day I managed to watch twenty episodes. So, I been watching that instead of shows that are airing this season and I am reviewing weekly, since I am not really watching that much airing stuff right now.


In other news, and honestly some great news, which, it is around this time each year I get depressed, blogging slows down due to panicking about money, but, anyway, those who follow my main twitter, I got a full-time job. Oddly enough it is at the place I been working part time the last three years, so I get a typical schedule that I have had the past three school years with summers off. So, I don’t start work until the end of the month.

yay 3

This alone brings good news, since now I won’t be stressed about money, which in turn means the main source of my depression the past few years will be going away, or at least acting up less to the point where I should be able to write more, both fiction and here. I do plan on getting a Switch at some point, and honestly, those that were here in the early years of the blog, I did a Fire Emblem post series as I progressed through the game, I might do that with Three Houses, only hopefully this time I beat it. Also, the posts would be a lot different, more on that if I do decide to do that.

So, I am thinking of doing a post talking about my current thoughts on One Piece. I might do a post summing my thoughts on the first 130ish episodes, and then start covering by an arc basis. Since it is a long series, and it would be nice to write my thoughts as a progress through an ongoing series with almost 900 episodes.

Nothing else planned, other than catching up on reviews that is.

As always, feel free to give suggestions for future posts.

– Joe