After several episodes of it being one crime per episode, it is nice to see this one being a change of pace and being a two-part episode. Also, with how many references to Fate/Apocrypha, I really want to see it. But at least there are plenty of little Easter Eggs to the events that happen in this timeline. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

The episode begins with Waver still trying to get over the death of Alexzander the Great from the Holy Grail War nearly ten years ago. Gray sees him but leaves him alone.

lord ell mallio case files ep 4 pic 1

There is a reference to Fate/Apocrypha due to Mordred’s Master being important this episode, but that isn’t until later.

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Anyway, there is a case, and Waver needs to solve it. A pretty powerful necromancer died, his Workshop is a little out of control, and his son is about to lose it all. So, since there are some issues that might fall to Waver if he doesn’t accept the case, he does. Also, he has a shot at getting in the Holy Grail War if he does.

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After that, his sister meets with a man to talk about the new Holy Grail War, and while there are some references to the potential Masters, she is doing her part to try to get Waver into the war. If you haven’t seen Fate/Stay Night, then no surprise, he doesn’t get in. It is still nice to see him dealing with this.

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We then learn his sister has Mystic Eyes, as to what her eyes does, well, we don’t know yet. But this is only due to the workshop giving off some serious mystic energy.

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Upon making it to the mansion, a fellow investigator is there. She believes the son committed the crimes, as the spiritual residue to contact his father through necromancy is completely gone, which is a crime in of itself. But, with the storm going on outside, Waver asks to give them time, seeing that the lightning has killed everyone in the area before.

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The son apparently can see fairies, one that gives him a warning on something about to happen. Either way, this is just one clue.

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Meanwhile the Imouto and Gray investigate a secret tunnel which leads to a graveyard. They get attacked and then saved by the dude from earlier.

Upon making it back, and learning some more clues, also getting teased by his sister, Waver thinks he figured out the case. The episode ends with another murder.

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Overall Thoughts:

I did like this episode, about the midway point it felt like the only way to solve this would be to give it another episode. It was not until Waver said he figured it out that I thought otherwise. But, ending on that note, certainly means that there is more to the mystery than what was once thought up. So, hopefully it will provide an interesting twist in the second half.

As for this one, I did like the introduction to some of the concepts. While Mystic Eyes were brought up before in this series, it was nice to see them taking a more center stage with the sister revealing she has them. This is the first time they appeared this predominately in a Fate/Series. Tsukihime and Kara no Kyokai make they the main focus, so, it is nice to see them taking some importance in the main Type Moon Franchise. But it felt like compared to the other mysteries, only some clues presented themselves rather obviously. The real question comes down to the fairy.

Anyway, as an enjoyment factor standpoint, it was fairly good, it gave a lot of questions, and ended with the right moment to ask more question than give answers. Now, hopefully next time the answer is worth it.

Overall Enjoyment B

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series, and spin-offs too, even though I sort of do that already.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe