Alright, well, I really wish last month went differently. The first half was me getting used to my full time job as a teacher assistant. But a lot happened too. So, and not all of it was being addicted to One Piece, just some of it which has caused me to fall behind on reviews.  Those of you who follow my main twitter, I got a Switch, and have been playing through Fire Emblem Three Houses. Which now saying that I think about the Fates posts I did a few years back. Besides the Switch I also adopted two kittens. Which honestly brings my tweets the past two weeks only about my Switch and my kittens, since they’re adorable, and my mood hasn’t been this good in a long time.

Now, last month did not go anywhere close to planned. Both shows I reviewed last season have ended. I mentioned in the last review that I am changing things. I plan on finishing both shows, despite not watching them at all the last two months. I plan on doing bulk reviews for them throughout this month, both series will be done in two to three posts tops.

But, enough about last month. This season I will be covering the Fate/Go anime that starts to air, which covers the eighth chapter of the game. I do not plan to review Granblue Fantasy Season two, despite covering season one two years ago. If anything I might do a post talking about my thoughts around the midway point.

Lastly, I do plan to get posts out again on Anime Corps. Getting into One Piece made me drop every show last season. So, I hopefully can talk about a few shows at least once every few weeks on there.

I would like to do another post talking about One Piece. I am over episode 400, and the last post I did covered the first 200, so, I might talk about my thoughts about the following 200, I honestly don’t know.

So, back to just one review this season, which is two cour. Other than that, nothing else is really planned for posts. I know next month I will be busy with working on posts for the 5 year anniversary this December. So, this month is going to be pretty busy to make up for it.

As always feel free to give suggestions.

– Joe