So, this time next month this blog will be 5 years old. Which means that only reviews will be out this month. I did not know that Funimation not only had a poor means to take screenshots of shows, but Fate/Go’s anime was going to be out on Crunchyroll a month late due to Funi’s exclusive rights for one month. So, Those episode reviews will start soon.

I am not going to go in full details of what will be out next month, but, well, let’s just say a lot of Top 5s, reviews, and maybe bringing back an old series of posts or two to celebrate the 5 year anniversary. Of course, that means I will need to be working this month on those posts.

I do plan on getting Pokemon Sword and Shield on release and since by the time November rolls around I will have played through it twice. I will more than likely do a first impressions post, of the first hour or two of the game this month, and my overall thoughts on the latest generation in December.

I completed both Outer Worlds, a game I been waiting for over a year to play, and one route for Fire Emblem Three Houses, so video game reviews of those should be out next month too to say I have plans that hopefully will amount for something for once unlike all those other reviews I said I would do.

But yeah, do to not knowing how Fate/Go was going to be a month late, I would have worked a bit more on other series reviews. I should have them out soon, November I do have a lot of days off of work due to various circumstances. So, I will have plenty of time for those. I will not keep this post short and end it here.

If you have any old post series you would like to see me revive for next month for the 5 year anniversary please feel free to comment. Anything in general you would like to see as well.

– Joe