At the time of posting this, I have beaten the game for some time now and will be posting my overall thoughts in the next few days.

With that out of the way, Pokémon Sword and Shield are the newest entries into the series that got me into video games. The eighth generation of new Pokémon. Honestly, there was a bit of nostalgia, with this one, which they seem to be doing a lot with the first generation in previous games. In all honestly, I think it is how much they put focus on the older generation is one way this is game is held back. In the first hour of the game, the Champion is revealed to be Leon, who has a Charazard with a new form. So, considering his name is Leon, like Charmeleon, seems well, they are really pushing this whole Charazard being the greatest since throughout every interaction with the newest champion it needs to be reminded that he has a Charazard and he is undefeatable. This to me has been my only complaint.

Honestly, and this is me writing this part several weeks later as a side note. I bought this to pre-order to get a special bonus, still haven’t gotten that bonus. But, anyway, that was one thing that took a little fun out of it.pokemon pic

Since the game was delayed on delivery, I really wanted to play a lot. I was originally intending on doing a blind nuzlocke, but ultimately decided against it. I had a lot of fun. I found myself doing raids, which honestly, I thought would be the least fun thing to do in this game. I was only around the third gym when I started to do them a lot more, partially for the rewards, and also, I just really wanted to fill the Pokedex. My team was being switched around constantly trying to find the right Pokémon that I wanted on my team. Even now I still don’t know if I will keep the team members, since there were so many I would have liked to have had on my team.

good pokemon dog

I certainly had a lot of worries for this game prior to playing. Mostly since they were taking away Mega Evolutions, Z moves, and half the Pokedex. But, honestly after playing for forty-eight hours, I do not mind this. Plus, I am glad that they did say in multiple places that the whole Dynamax thing is only available in this region. Which looking at it in perspective, it was like that for the other games as well, so it made sense to leave them out.

Overall, while, at this point in time it might not be the greatest Pokémon game I have ever played, it certainly was a lot of fun. I am glad there was a little less hand holding, at least in terms of explaining the Pokémon Centers, how to catch Pokémon, and a few other things. There was a bit too much repetition and hand holding when it came to be directed to the next place though. It is also super unforgivable when deciding to explore the Wild Area, which I love.

pokemon wild area

Anyway, feel free to comment your thoughts on the Pokemon game as a whole.