Originally, I intended this post to be two parts, the first covering my initial thoughts, then talking about my overall thoughts. At the time of writing this I have not played the post-game. So, I think I will be doing a short post to talk about that later.

Anyway, I honestly really enjoyed this Pokemon game. Sun and Moon were fun and all, but, I just did not like it. There was too much stop and go, and the Ultra Games were a disappointment of being the same game except with very minor changes. This game, not so much. I liked going back to taking on gyms. Although I could have sworn there was supposed to be a total of 18, like there was in the article, however, the standard eight were in the game. I did however enjoy the fact that two gyms were different in both games. Hopefully future installments will have even more changes like that.

The story, well, it felt a little lacking. I mean I was expecting there to be some big villain, but, no one was. It was interesting but did not feel super satisfying.  There was no real elite four, but the tournament certainly was interesting which I did like. I just wish there were more battles and no auto heal between them.

Honestly, I will say despite having a high-level team throughout most of the game. The champion was the hardest fight. I honestly really liked that. The final boss having a team that nearly beat me. I am glad for it too, the only other gym that gave me some remote challenge was the final one being a double battle.

The raid system, as I mentioned in the previous post. Well, I kind of spent over a weak just doing that at some point before finally beating the game. I did not like the fact that you must go out and capture G-Max Pokemon, which are super rare. I gathered some Pokemon that did have those forms expecting it, only to be sadden by the fact that if I wanted that stronger form, I would have to switch them out. I am someone who gets a bit sentimental with those sorts of things. But, I mean, they were hard to get, so I did not care too much. I did like how raids could give hidden abilities too.

pokemon abilities

It has been a long time since I enjoyed playing a Pokemon game. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just really didn’t do it for me two years ago. I thought I lost my enjoyment in this series. I did enjoy Sun and Moon, despite the continuous stops, but now that I am used to them, well, I did not mind it as much. The Wild Area in this game is something I hope they expand upon greatly in the next installment and is one reason why I rather enjoyed this game so much. It gave more of an opportunity to explore, but I do wish they remove that limit on when you can catch certain Pokemon. I really did not like that, especially in some areas that you can get to right before a gym and they are either above or below that requirement.


Still, I had a lot of fun. Hopefully I will enjoy the Post Game. I do find it odd that to get the main legendary for the game the Post Game needs to be done. Either way, hopefully I can talk about that a tiny bit. I haven’t done all post-game stuff.

Also I got 3 shiny Pokemon so far, here is one of them.

shiny pokemon

Still feel free to comment your thoughts on the game. I certainly would love to hear them.

– Joe