Well, as is tradition it is that time of year again where I do 12 Days of looking back on anime throughout the year. This year is different, being the blog’s 5 Year Anniversary, a means to celebrate I decided to make it 12 Days of Top 5s instead. I will also be looking at more than just anime too. While it is the end of a decade, I was thinking of doing anime that was in the last 10 years, however, I decided to shorten it to focus on stuff in the last 5 years. The posts in this series will relate to the blog, things in the last year, and things in the last 5 years. So, a lot of work has gone into these posts. I will probably keep this intro throughout all of them. Either way I hope you enjoy.

Over the last 5 years I have done about twenty of so shows reviewed weekly here alone. I am not counting the stuff I reviewed weekly over at Anime Corps, since that would make the choices, well, honestly the same except throwing Sakura Quest into the mix. With that said, I figured with the fact I have done honestly about 200 or so weekly review posts, I probably have a few shows that were my favorite over the last 5 years. So, it is time to talk about those. Granted, yes, some were multiple seasons, but I will more than likely talk about the sequels over the first one, if I decide to talk about them, so let’s get right into it.

Number ?: Yamada and the Seven Witches

Now, I just wanted to add this to the list as a number 6, I guess. This show was the first one I reviewed here weekly, and while I did enjoy it. It certainly was not my favorite. I was still trying the whole blog thing and weekly reviews too. Either way, while I did not really like the show compared to the others on this list. I still have the fond memory of it being the first show I reviewed here weekly.


Number 5: Keijo!!!!!!!

I talked about Keijo, being one of my favorite series of posts I did back on Day 1, but I knew I was going to be picking this show. It was fun to watch and fun to write about, the two main focuses of this post. Between just being plain dumb, I had a lot of room to just do whatever and say whatever since it was a show that took the plot seriously and also very very unseriously at the same time. I mean a sport that involves your butt and the way it is done is treating the sport itself like a serious thing, like other sports manga, it was a pretty good parody and ecchi series for it. But sadly, season two will never happen since the manga got canceled as the anime aired. It also ended on a cliffhanger, really holding this series back.


Number 4: Konosuba

It is like there is some déjà vu with the first post. But anyway, Konosuba is also one of my favorite shows I reviewed here. Again because of the comedy aspects and certainly I had a lot more room to poke fun at the show and enjoy it all the same. Minus the thing about butts, it is basically here for the same reason as Keijo, also it got a second season.

konosuba ep 3 10

Number 3: Mob Psycho 100 Season 2

Finally, something new. Mob I rather enjoyed because it was fun to watch, it was wonderful at wrapping up the season, even though a third season could happen. Also, the fact that it came out over a year after the manga ended. There was so much to enjoy with this season. The fights, the moral, and of course the character growth. One thing I enjoyed was how Mob was able to grow and how he affected others. The show was never really about the fighting, which allowed for some events to happen because it related more towards Mob’s growth. Out of all the shows on this list, this is certainly one of the series I would recommend watching at some point if you haven’t done so.

mob psycho 100 S2 ep 12 pic 9

Number 2 and Number 1: Ancient Magus Bride and Twin Star Exorcists

Both shows are based on my two favorite ongoing manga. Both are romance, Ancient Magus Bride being more so of the two and Twin Star Exorcists being more shonen. Still both I enjoyed a lot as a manga and anime. Honestly it is very close. Twin Star Exorcists while I did have issues when reviewing it, mostly the fact it was about 90 percent original for a 50 episode series and did not do much in covering the manga. It still was enjoyable and did its own thing rather well. Ancient Magus Bride on the other hand gave life to a beautifully drawn series and certainly made it all that more enjoyable. Both series I did love reviewing because of the fondness for the manga I have and the urge to watch more of the anime. Of the two I certainly would recommend The Ancient Magus Bride more, and certainly is one show I would recommend in general.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 10

Still, since this was one of my more personal opinion ones, I guess feel free to comment your thoughts on some of your favorite shows.

– Joe