Well, as is tradition it is that time of year again where I do 12 Days of looking back on anime throughout the year. This year is different, being the blog’s 5 Year Anniversary, a means to celebrate I decided to make it 12 Days of Top 5s instead. I will also be looking at more than just anime too. While it is the end of a decade, I was thinking of doing anime that was in the last 10 years, however, I decided to shorten it to focus on stuff in the last 5 years. The posts in this series will relate to the blog, things in the last year, and things in the last 5 years. So, a lot of work has gone into these posts. I will probably keep this intro throughout all of them. Either way I hope you enjoy.

So, almost two years ago I tried out One Piece. I only get about 30 episodes into it before ultimately stopping. This year however changed. I was bored one night and next thing I knew two months passed and I saw over 400 episodes of the show. Granted the past two months I haven’t seen an episode. But 400 episodes in two months is nothing to sneeze at. So, I figured I might as well talk about some of my favorite characters of the series since I was really into it this year.

Number 5: Boa Hancock

Now, if you are stumbling on this for the first time and are like, okay, I only saw 400 episodes and stopped right after her arc I must only have her on here because she is hot. Well, no, you are wrong. I honestly love her character and am a major sucker for the helpless romantic. Which is why is only at number 5. She might be higher, but my only experience with her, despite really liking her with that short period of time, is just one arc really. I do not have the next 500 episodes to compare her to. Certainly, I would love to see more of her. I do hope her conquest in love for the main character goes somewhere. But, right now, I only must go off her being a loveable hopeless romantic and being pretty strong and cunning, something I always love in female characters.


Number 4: Vivi

The Alabasta Arc was what really got me into One Piece. Vivi being the main focus of this arc, I just really loved her character. She went from a naïve princess, to certainly much more open and more realistic on the matter. She was fun, and well, it was very saddening seeing her leaving the group. But, I was still glad as it was for the right reasons, and her character growth during that time made her story and journey be at the end.


Number 3: Luffy

The main character, well, it would be saddening if he wasn’t on this list. Still, Luffy, while it can be a bit annoying how laidback he can be, how he puts his stomach first sometimes, he is really strong and when he puts his mind to it, he is unstoppable. Some of my favorite moments and fights have be with him as the main focus. The one that comes to mind the most is when Luffy punches the Celestial Dragon rich guy. That was so satisfying and one moment that I was just so glad that happened. But yeah, while some things he does can be annoying at times, which prevents him from going further in this list, he has a lot of good going for him.


Number 2: Zoro

He is just so bad ass. Granted yes he can be an airhead. But, so many cool fights are with Zoro. I honestly feel like I don’t need to explain myself more. Zoro is just awesome. After the fight with Moria, and Kuma showed up, wow, even knowing he is still alive so much time later I honestly thought it was going to be the end for him.

Number 1: Robin

I love Robin’s character development. She wants to die, then she is cold towards everyone and still wants to die, then she wants to live, and then becomes super friendly with everyone. Seeing her growth between, well, 200 episodes was so enjoyable. I loved seeing her change I just wish there were more fights involving her, since it really feels like there are not a lot. Either way, Robin’s development as a character is easily the reason why I have enjoyed her the most in this series.


Feel free to comment your favorite characters in One Piece. Please do not spoil anything.

– Joe