Well, seeing I started this series a month ago, and intended it for it to be 12 days straight, I am a little annoyed at myself it has taken this long. At the same time, I kind of must blame one of the ones on this list. I know I set out to make these series of posts only to focus on the last 5 years or so since my blog started five years ago. It was meant as that form of celebration, and while the last post will fit that last 5 years. This post I decided I would talk about the last decade. This is one of the few that I had planned from the start but had virtually no idea what I would consider my top 5 games of the decade.

I played a lot of games the last 10 years. I did not really have a major console, and it was only 4 years ago when I got a PC to play most games that were not on a Nintendo 3DS. So, try to keep that in mind as my list will be probably very different compared to most that people have put out there. With that long wait out of the way, time to stop postponing these posts any longer and get right into it.

Number 5: Minecraft

Minecraft to me, is one of those games that I started to watch people play on Youtube in its earlier years after it came out. I started to play it back in 2014. And well, I find myself playing it every now and again, mostly when I am stressed and need some sort of creative outlet. It gives me a goal when building things, things that I know I will never finish. I think I do this because I first started to play, and even got the game around the time of my grandparents’ passing. Since then I just find myself coming back to it every now and again, either for the creative purposes are previously mentioned or just to cure some boredom. Regardless I certainly enjoy playing it, building things, and giving some thought away from the stressful daily life and or as a means to rekindle some creative juices.

Number 4: Pokemon Franchise

Of course, I would put this higher on the list if there weren’t so many and it wasn’t impossible to pick, this wasn’t out of pure nostalgia, and/or the fact that most of the main Pokemon games I enjoyed the most were from the decade prior. Still, I have enjoyed all the little gimmicky things Pokemon has done in the last decade, except Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were just basically the same as Sun and Moon except got rid of Lily’s character development and all the things that made me enjoy Sun and Moon to begin with. It was also the only Pokemon game I never actually finished. But that is beside the point. Either way this franchise has been a constant enjoyment for me the past two decades it would be both impossible to put not put it on this list and only pick one.

Number 3: Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

This is one of my most played games of the last few years. I find myself playing it again at least once a year. Of course, with mods, lots, and lots of mods. I just really enjoy it. The only downside is I only ever beat it once, the first time I played, since then I get about 80 or so hours into a playthrough and the game crashes due to all the mods. Still, it is a lot of fun, and I do enjoy adding a bunch of both serious and silly mods to make each playthrough completely different.


Number 2: Fallout: New Vegas

While Skyrim might have been for the mods, New Vegas, is certainly for a mixture of both mods and story. I do enjoy the story, the level of detail in storytelling, and it was for this reason I really looked forward to last years “The Outer Worlds” as it was by the same people. I just really enjoyed it, and unlike both Skyrim and Fallout 4, where I never really completed the story after several playthroughs due to modding it like crazy. New Vegas it took me two years to beat coming back to it every now and again, each time doing something different, and enjoying it all the same. I wasn’t even really playing with that many mods. I just had fun roaming around and doing the various quests that were in the game. Story wise this is easily my game of the decade.


Number 1: Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter 4 Generations I had a lot of fun playing on my 3DS back in 2013. Since then I wanted to play another Monster Hunter game, but never did. Then World was announced and for PC too. So, I was rather excited. Yeah, the latest DLC for this game, gave me 50 more hours to the game. I don’t see myself stopping any time soon, seeing I had about 500 prior to the DLC. It is my most played game on Steam, and I just enjoy everything about it, except the story since it is basically being told to go slay a new monster. I just find it fun, and I could see myself getting over 1000 hours into it before I decide to stop again.