Since I took a break from blogging I got to thinking what I wanted to do. Not watching anime as much, or at all for that matter in the last month and a half got me thinking on what I should do. So, after today, as the title suggests, the Reviewer’s Corner is no more. From today on it will be known as Cat Corner, where I just post about my cute cats Artemis (white one) and Athena (black one).

Here are some pictures to get an idea on what these two adorable sisters do on a regular basis and what to expect in the next few weeks as I will be posting weekly. The pictures go from when we got them, when they were about 3 months old, to now, where they are about 9 months old.


Okay, so, I really could not help but to do an April Fool’s joke. I know I left last month on a serious note saying I was unsure what to do, and how I might shut the blog down. But ultimately, I decided not to. Also, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to do an actual April Fool’s joke for once here, and an excuse to post about my cats somewhere that wasn’t Twitter. Seriously all my twitter is for me is just cat photos every other tweet now. I will be talking more in depth in an actual monthly update post tomorrow and my thoughts on the future of the blog as well.

Stay safe and healthy,

– Joe