Okay, so, time for episode two, and I am going to do what I did last time and write my thoughts as I watch the episode. I did like it, but I thought of a few things I can improve on last times improvisation, so, hopefully it comes out more to my liking. If you like this set up or think I should revert back to the old way of reviewing things feel free to comment about it. Same goes if you have any suggestions on what you would like me to change about this set up as well. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


This episode starts with Bam learning about conflict, and Rachel really taught him a lot, since he clearly did not know anything when they met. I am glad they had this scene since it just helps further why she is so important to the main character. Unlike other anime where they would straight out say it, this series is taking its time to show the reason for it, and certainly I must applaud it for doing just that.

tower of god ep 2 pic 1

Of course, this relates back to now in the story where it is basically a battle royal. I am not surprised the alligator guy that isn’t an alligator is well, certainly going to be important seeing he is on a lot of the promotional material, they certainly snapped away from the tense action of the ending of last episode, and took a more humoristic approach with their meeting with Rak, which I guess is fine, since it is the start of the episode, and episodes that start off actiony and end with no drama or action tend to be bland.

tower of god ep 2 pic 2

Of course, the sword that Bam has is gaining attention. Certainly, would be nice if Bam had something else going for him other than a sword that was a gift. I am also really going to have to fight saying some things if they are all going to be after this boy’s sword.

tower of god ep 2 pic 3

I do like Khun’s reasoning where he is just saying, that he doesn’t have to fight, he just needs to be the person to survive. Plus finding teammates of those two hundred survivors would be useful. He also does not come off as weak, either, this feeling the whole time from him, he certainly comes off as strong, but chooses his brains over his brawn. I certainly like his character right now.

tower of god ep 2 pic 4

Okay, now that there are two hundred left, they are given the task of forming a team of at least three. Rak is near Bam and Khun, but well, he doesn’t want to be part of their team. I mean it is obvious that he is, still, it does show that Rak is more brawn than brains in this situation.

tower of god ep 2 pic 5

I love the sound Rak made when Bam was willing, but not willing to fight him. Just the shock of Bam throwing down his weapon shut him down, it was perfect. Also, the fact they basically had to trick him to be on their team.

tower of god ep 2 pic 6

I am also really going to like Rak, there is just something about him, I just don’t know what.

tower of god ep 2 pic 7

So, Bam certainly has some secret power that made him unphasable with that fancy water. Still, he makes a bet with the test administrator, and well, I get an odd feeling this bet they will do will give some interesting result. Well, one I am not expecting, Bam asking about Rachel would be obvious, but it feels like that won’t be an answer and if it is one, it won’t be a clear one.


Okay, so they chose the same person, yeah, Bam has some secret power even he doesn’t know. Either that or it is absurd luck.

tower of god ep 2 pic 8

Also, this scene is interesting since it gives insight to life outside the tower, and certainly begs the question if Rachel and Bam from another world, making them Irregulars. I am glad that the where is Rachel question as just not known, at this time, so a different, much more needed world building question was asked.

tower of god ep 2 pic 9

Khun is certainly hiding something or someone in there. Which certainly makes this interesting.

tower of god ep 2 pic 10


On a side note, I did like my approach for the episode review this time, I felt like I got a nice blend. So, I think I will continue to do posts in this format.

Anyway, was for the episode, I did enjoy it, it had a lot of world building blended in to give some explanation on the tower, what to expect, who are some serious strong people, and little bit of other things. So, it is certainly interesting. I do not really have much more to say, seeing I said most of my thoughts already, so, I will just leave it at that.

Overall Score: A

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe