Okay, episode three, and while at the time of writing this episode 4 has aired I still have no plans stopping this show. I am rather enjoying it and cannot wait to see where to goes. So, as of right now I will continue doing my reviews for this series as I watch the episode with the mix of analytical and comedic approach as I am enjoying writing the posts this way more.


The episode starts with a little insight on Khun’s life, and well, I am not surprised that the world of the outside revolves around getting up the tower and if you lose you are screwed. So, at least we get some motivation as to why Khun is going up the tower.

tower of god ep 3 pic 1

Bam not knowing what the sky is, honestly, works perfectly. His reaction, seeing he literally lived underground all his life. Rak’s reaction certainly does add the fact that, given the circumstances it is funny, despite it really being Bam’s first time seeing the sky. Also, it turns out that the sky isn’t real but something that was created. So, Rachel’s wish certainly comes more off as real now.

tower of god ep 3 pic 2

After this conversation it is clear that the third test is now going on, and well, all that is known at this point is teams go one at a time and after a short time screams can be heard. Which does cause some slight worry for Khun.

tower of god ep 3 pic 3

After a possible hint, the test is clear as Bam’s team is up. They have 10 minutes to open a single door, the correct door of twelve. So, while Rak is not the brain guy and is just complaining, Khun is thinking about it clearly. This scene nicely summed up each of the team member’s strengths. I did enjoy this, Khun having a mental breakdown due to his trauma and the only reason why they got through it was because of Rak’s instinct. It certainly made this whole ordeal for them rather interesting.

tower of god ep 3 pic 4

Ok, so, some time later has passed, and I just really got into the episode, and forgot to write some of it. Either way, a Bonus test appeared, and well, if they pass, they don’t have to take more tests. Of course, everyone their wishes to take part in it now. It is known as the Crown Game, where they need to steal the crown from one another.

So, another group is taking part in it, and honestly it really seems like Rachel is one of them, won’t be surprised if she is, nor surprised if she isn’t. Either way Bam’s group sits out on the first round to see how it goes. It is also not surprising that the lizard girl beats up everyone with no issues.

tower of god ep 3 pic 5

The episode ends with Bam basically confirming or at least thinking that girl in one of the other contending spots is Rachel.


Yeah, this episode certain gives some backstory to Khun, his reasoning, and still gives more hints that there is something going on with his bag. I must know what is in it. As for the person that may or may not be Rachel, I both hope it is and isn’t her. It feels too early to bring her into the story but waiting too long will just be problematic. Either way, it should be interesting to find out her real identity. Not much else to say, the episode was rather interesting, and it is nice to see the variety in these challenges.

Overall Score: A

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe