Alright time for Episode 4. While I am falling a bit behind, I honestly don’t mind, as long as I don’t fall two weeks behind, I will not feel like I am turning this into a burden, plus I really like writing the review as I watch the episode. So, time for me to start watching and writing.


Bam sees the girl whom he thinks is Rachel, for all of 5 seconds and starts screaming for her. But, quickly thinks it is not her since she did not respond. Anyway, the second of five rounds begin and the main crew stays back for now, much to Rak’s displeasure or pleasure since he got a lot of chocolate out of the deal.

tower of god ep 4 pic 1

Although this gives the side characters time to shine, certainly how they act makes it clear who might be in this series for the long run, and honestly, I do like the ones who appear.

tower of god ep 4 pic 2

This whole round, despite being short or at least seemingly being short was still good to watch, seeing the characters interact, and well, getting a clear sense that each team is at least hiding some of their potential.

tower of god ep 4 pic 3

Okay, so now I think I spoke too soon, I honestly would have thought the sleeping guy would be hiding his potential a bit longer, clearly, I was mistaken. He seems pretty strong, seeing he can control the water like substance that is found throughout the whole tower. Still his fight was pretty cool seeing how strong these two teams have the potential to be, even if the sleeping guy’s team did surrender.

tower of god ep 4 pic 4

Okay, so the whole sword thing is rather interesting, seeing the Dragon Girl basically surrendered to go and get into a rage over that sword. Bam not controlling it also seems to make sure we know that this sword is much stronger than we originally thought. Now I see why Khun wanted to keep it hidden and why Yuri never should have let Bam have it in the first place. Also, it makes sense seeing the Dragon Girl’s weapon is also one of the 13 strong swords, which means we probably will see the other 11 at some point.

Either way Bam’s team is now having a bet so with the Dragon Girl’s Green April sword up for grabs. Which means they now must take part in the final three rounds. His team certainly doesn’t mind since ultimately it got the lizard girl off the throne making it up for grabs. Also, Khun seems rather fond of Bam and his will to hold onto the promise he made to Rachel, even though it almost costed him his life. Of course, the Rachel’s team is still hiding something, so, if they don’t join the fight this round, well, they will appear in the last one.

I do like that when the third round starts Khun does not act like how he has been since we met him, it is honestly really interesting. Plus, his team’s reaction is just great. But then he pulls out a second crown, making his deception rather interesting to end off the episode.

tower of god ep 4 pic 8


Besides the fact I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable writing in this style for reviews, the actual episode was quite enjoyable. It gave a chance for the side characters to develop and get some attention, some things that can easily be lost. Of course, who knows how important these characters are in the long run, I certainly don’t since I did not read the webtoon.

The one other thing that really stood out to me was Khun towards the end, his sudden shift in character. It comes off as odd, but at the same time, he does come off as the cunning and sneaky member of the group, so him planting two crowns, well, his over confidence was meant to throw everyone off. So, only he may know which is the real crown. Personally again, I seem to be drawn to his bag, something is off about it, and clearly it has much more space on the inside than it does on the outside.

Personal Enjoyment: 90/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe