Alright, so, with another round in the area bonus round challenge starting, it certainly is coming off as interesting with Bam’s team now up to fight. Nice to see some stakes set for them, but, more than likely mean that they will win because of the bet. But, who knows what can and cannot happen, so it is time to find out.


I honestly find it weird how I am not that into the opening, I mostly just skip it, which has been rare for me the last few years.  Anyway, Khun still is coming off as a bit crazy compared to what we have seen of him so far. But, although his plan is rather clear, it is very clever as well, especially when seemingly dozens more crowns appear. Which this of course gets all the competitors annoyed.

tower of god ep 5 pic 1

This opening scene is nice to see the battle capabilities of this team. Also served as a great way to get of a lot of the weaklings.

The “Rachel” team, is really the wild card right now. I don’t know if they are really going to win, if Racheal will be the real Rachel, and I have no clue what will happen with it. Of course, they are waiting for the final round to enter.

tower of god ep 5 pic 2

The fact that Khun made a ponytail makes me think that him and his sister share the same body now. At least I can assume. Seeing that bag is very odd. But, who knows, maybe that is just Khun’s way of getting serious.

tower of god ep 5 pic 3

The fourth round begins, and well, Khun wants his team to sit this one out, not do anything, which is odd, at least at first, but he knows the strongest teams will be waiting for the final round. Khun seemingly was able to predict that the teams would fight one another before moving on. But, well, he knew it would turn out like this, seeing one of the teams that join is allied with him. And thus, they were stored in his bag, which answers why his bag was weird the last few episodes. But I think something else was off. But, well, as for the hair thing, that was a signal for them to help him out. So, that was all answered.

Either way, the allies that Khun brought won, meaning they surrendered, and the final round is able to begin. So, the seemingly strong teams are ready to fight Bam’s team. And Bam thinks something is off with this new team.

The new foe that appears is seemingly rather strong as she knocks out two teams rather quickly with no issue whatsoever. But, Rak can hold his own against, whoever this agile woman is.  But the teams are going in a free for all this time, with no exceptions on their targets.

tower of god ep 5 pic 4

The Rachel seems to talk to Bam, telling him not to worry. Again, as much as I hope it is not really Rachel, at this point it probably is. And if she betrays him, which I would not be surprised if she did, there will be more to this than she is letting on right now. At the same time she does tell him that they are not here to fight him, so I am getting a lot of mixed signals on what will happen. And of course Bam’s team is just as confused as me, but Khun knows clearly that this particular ally is not after the crown, at least not yet.

But, then Bam sees the girl getting beat up is Rachel and goes to save her, only to get a rather nasty hit on the head. He then, I honestly have no idea how to explain it, supernovas, into a giant ball of fire. As he begins to go and strike the final blow on the attacker, I honestly don’t remember if it is the sword or not talking to him, either way, he is out cold before he can kill the attacker.

tower of god ep 5 pic 8

Anyway, all teams were given a three day rest, since Bam went to go and save Rachel, well, he lost the sword. Yuri will not like that since we finally got to see her trying to find her way to Bam to get the sword back.

The episode ends with Rachel having a request.


This episode went a bit unexpected during the end, mostly with Rachel’s part and Bam’s unusual power. The real question now is how he will react. A part of me feels like he is not going to remember even using the power, and Rachel’s request is that his team does not tell him about his power.

Anyway, this episode was still enjoyable, and I do hope this series keeps this level of enjoyment.

Overall Score: 90/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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