So, the reason now why I am falling behind is not really a good one, I sort of got into Naruto, but that is just beside the point. Hopefully it won’t affect continuing this series much longer. Either way, I am going to get right into it.


So, besides the obvious flashback dream Bam is having. Rachel is going over the past a bit more from her perspective. How she abandoned Bam so she could go for her dream. But, instead of getting a nice get together with him when he wakes up, well, Rachel tells Khun not to tell Bam about her. So, yeah, she is certainly a hard one to figure out. I really have no idea how Bam will react, then again Bam will probably forget what caused him to go unconscious and the events leading up to it in the first place.

While Bam is still down for the count, no surprise but the Dragon girl is having trouble with Yuri’s sword, seeing that the sword only wants to speak with men. So, thus it is up to her other team members to try to do something about the sword. But, well, the seemingly useless guy is still useless.

I like how Rak was worried for Bam, but clearly did not want to show it. Also with Bam out for the count for five days the test already started but Bam having absurdly high luck has come out to help him yet again.

Honestly the longer this season goes on the more it feels like a second season is already in the works, since they are really just building up the tower right now and the different roles a character may have. Best part is it makes it feel like a game with these roles without having a character die and get reincarnated in another world and also not stating the generic phrase “Why this is just like a video game?” And I really love that fact since hearing it from seemingly every isekai show it does get boring. Also, the role Bam was given was Wave Controller, so, I would have to assume Khun is the scout and Rak is the fishermen given their roles the last few episodes.

Bam got some new clothes, which, besides looking better, also makes him the first character in this series that got a change of attire.  But that is not really important. Also, Bam seems to know that Rachel asked Khun to lie, at least it comes off that way. Of course, Khun also asks about it too if she was Rachel to Bam.

Anyway, onto the training. Apparently in order to control the substance that is everywhere they need to form a contract on each floor. So, Bam does just that with some giant thing. He also meets the girl from the other episode where he went supernova.

So, this episode is starting to come off as an in-between training episode before anything major can happen. Anyway, bonding between the various teams happen as well. Nothing else really happens other than the groups meeting.


This episode was a bit on the boring side. It was a way to give the characters a time to interact, which they certainly haven’t had time to do so far. But it is also nice to see conflict arising among all the groups. So, there will be more on that at a later time I assume. Not much more other than that.

Overall Score: 80/100

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series, just keep in mind of spoilers for the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe