I blame Naruto for my reasoning for falling behind, it is like last year when I got into One Piece. But, well, I still plan to finish this show until the ones I completely stopped last year. Either way, enough about my mild complaining and I am going to get right on into it.


I like how this episode starts to explain well, who is the king, why he is the king, and more information about the tower and world that this takes place in. More on the Princesses too and their roles, how they are forbidden to bear children due to receiving the king’s powers. They are also not related by blood as well. I mean it makes sense, since well, it prevents the powers from being passed onto the next generation, which clearly this king does not want. Seemingly the Lizard girl just so happens to be an offspring as well, which explains all the dialogue in the previous episode with her.

I mean her mom committed the crime of giving birth, which is why she was killed, so, obviously the lizard girl will be angered by the fact that if she were to agree with this law, it means her life is thus considered a crime and her existence is also considered one. I do like the opening scene after the whole info dump, it really goes to show that both sides, had have hardships. Lizard girl’s power was inherited, but everyone she loved was killed because she was born. While the other princesses had to fight to obtain their power. Also, it was a bit humorous at the end of the fight that they played on this fact that the princesses are considered the lizard girl’s aunts and she was a niece. Plus, the heart to heart to end this scene was nice too.

Anyway, back to Bam for his training, which surprisingly he is good at, most of the others there struggled to pop one balloon, granted he was tired, but he managed to pop three. Guess that goes to show he is rather special, yet again. But, again, I like how the tension is rising between some of the other tower members in wanting to improve, while Bam is getting to know them individually, which is rather nice to see how everyone’s approach is different.

The following scene with Bam helping the other team make friends with other people, I am honestly surprised how under handing Bam is in getting what he wants in this case. It somehow feels like it is out of character, but at the same time he is doing it so innocently, that it feels like it isn’t. Also, the princesses’ reactions to Bam’s offer was perfect.

But of course, this was all Khun’s plan, would have been better if it was Bam from the start.

Anyway, time for the next test, and oddly enough Rak was one of the two people that gets a pass on this test, so everyone else must do it to move on.

Surprisingly when the next test starts Khun’s plan seemingly fails. I only say seemingly, since the episode ends right after something seemingly goes wrong with Khun’s plan.


I did like this episode, it gave more on the backstory of some characters, built up the world, and again made me think and still hope that this is just the first season with another season planned. Plus, it is always nice to get a taste of what is to come with the fact that the fourth test is only just starting so, next episode hopefully won’t be so laid back like most of this one. Either way, fairly decent episode.

Overall Enjoyment 85/100