Well, this episode really set up what to expect in this series, and overall, what the main mystery is. How do I know this, well, I watched the original of course? I have had time to think about the previous episode, and this episode really showed no signs of if this is a sequel but more of a remake. Next episode will certainly feel like the nail in the coffin in what it might be. Either way, I am going to get right into the episode.

Also, it was announced this series will be 2 cour, which is certainly good.

The Plot:

The festival ends, with the cotton drifting, the main part of the Watanagashi Festival.  Rena mentions to Keiichi about Oyashiro-sama, who the cotton festival is giving thanks to.

Keiichi sees the photographer guy and a nurse talking to one another, but ultimately decides to leave them alone, personally I think that is a mistake, but he wanted to leave those two lovebirds alone.

Anyway, the following day a cop, Ooishi, talks to Keiichi about the nurse and photographer who have now gone missing. He also mentions that the last four years incidents have token place around the time of the Watanagashi festival. And with those two now missing, it is likely that the curse has affected them. Ooishi also tells Keiichi to not mention it to anyone that they talked.

Of course, denying that he was with Ooishi Keiichi is then forced into doing the penalty by Mion for missing club activities. He also hears Mion and Rena talking about the missing people and how they might be the ones who were “demoned away” this year.

Keiichi brings this up to Ooshi, who looks more into it. Ooshi also does mention that although several days have passed since the festival, this year’s cursed victims have yet to appear. Also, that someone goes missing while the killer is caught.

The following day, as this show loves advancing time every other scene sometimes, Keiichi ultimately confronts Rena about hiding something, she snaps at him and in fact knows that he is lying to her about something. Thus, the twisted creepy faces of Higurashi appear in this series. Wow, while not being deformed like the original, the glowing piercing eyes certainly leave an impact.

Anyway, that night Ooshi calls Keiichi, Keiichi learns that Rena was originally from Hinamizawa, and only returned to the town last year, and how she had a mental breakdown and said that Oyashiro watches her as she sleeps. Only for Keiichi to then find out Rena overheard that entire phone call with Ooshi. Thus, ending the episode as she creepily stares into his room.

Overall Thoughts:

While the previous episode certainly made me question what to call this series, this episode brought us back to reality and really started to ramp up the suspense for this arc.  I mean, a lot of this episode was build up, and honestly there is not much to talk about, sure if this wasn’t a remake of one of my favorite series I would be theorizing on what this could mean, but, I can’t because then I would spoil it. This is a bit of a downside to knowing the mystery beforehand. So, I am going to call it short this time and just end it here before I do accidentally spoil it. I also really need to think more of other potential topics to talk about with my overall thoughts for future episodes. I do hope there are different arcs and not just a pure remake, that way it can be new to me as well.

Overall Score: 80/100

Try not to spoil the series, I certainly will try not to, but, feel free to comment your thoughts on the series, both the original and this one. Just label if it is a spoiler or not.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe