Alright, new arc which means new timeline, and everything was reset from the previous arc. Meaning that this will have a different ending than the last time. I can also say that this is a remake, with them clearly aiming for a different ending for the first series, as this adapts the second arc in the series that deals with Mion’s “twin sister.” Anyway, more on that in a bit, this one will have spoilers. So, just going to say it now, Shion is real and is Mion’s sister. But, well, for all I know this series is going to do something weird and change it so Mion just has multiple personalities. But I will talk more on that towards the end of the arc to avoid spoilers.

I will also do the best of my ability, since it has been 6 years since I saw the original to point out key plot points that changed and then speculate on how this will affect the arc. Although it might be tricky for this episode since my theory relates to a major spoiler for its ending.

The Plot:

This one takes place a few days before where the previous arc started, in this timeline Keiichi did not go to the funeral, for whatever reason. So, the weekend is filled with the game club going to the next town over where Mion’s uncle runs a game store that hosts tournaments every now and again.

Of course, right off the bat Keiichi’s luck isn’t the greatest, but he slowly and surely comes up with a plan to get the victory royal. Only for the tournament to end abruptly since Mion must go to her part time job.

However, before she can go the group, expect Mion is given gifts for helping out the store in the tournament. Keiichi is given a doll, and while he was going to get rid of it, Rika said he might want to give it to Mion. In the original series he gave it to Rena, and well, this is certainly Rika’s tampering since this was a key point in the arc. As to why, that is a spoiler. Either way, Mion gets flustered and whatnot.

Later on, Keiichi goes to the restaurant with his dad, seemingly the only one in the area. As his dad steps away, he runs into Mion as a waitress, except it is not Mion, but Shion. Which, he certainly is not buying it.

The following day he mentions Shion to Mion when mentioning her part time job, and well, the fact she has a twin surprises Rena. So, yeah, clearly not her lying or anything.

But, due to an incident at lunch, Keiichi is hungry and Shion got word from Mion, and thus prepared food for him. I do love the scene when she passed the food to him, mostly due to the conveniently placed mirror to show that hey, there is this thing known as identical twins.

Either way, Mion gets flustered the next day with Keiichi mentioning her sister again. But again, a wonderful line by Mion, considering this could be taken in multiple context with both her twin and the two-face-ness of this series, how people are not always what they seem.

The episode ends with Keiichi getting into some trouble with some bikers, and Shion being rather upset at the people bullying him.

Overall thoughts:

Like, if, this was my first time watching this series, I would not catch up on the subtle things that make it clear they are identical twins. Although at the same time this episode does a great job making it come off as just Mion lying, and personally I do hope this is just one of the weird realties were somehow Shion does not exist and it really is Mion. One thing this series did with the first arc and that is change it around, mess with it, to make it still seem new and throw off even long-time fans. I would love to see it be true, but who knows.

I really do not have much more to say, except that it is my fault due to watching this episode almost two weeks prior to writing this part. I been rather slacking, despite really wanting to watch the next episode. I am not sure if I might change how I handle this show after this arc, by covering an arc to arc basis. I am not sure just yet. But that all depends if I am able to catch up sooner rather that later.

Overall Score: 85/100

Try not to spoil the series, I certainly will try not to, but, feel free to comment your thoughts on the series, both the original and this oneJust label if it is a spoiler or not.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe