It is hard to think the last year went by so fast, with all things considered non-animewise, let’s see there was nearly World War 3, the world was on fire everywhere seemingly, COVID, the riots, the election, and well, a lot in general. But, bringing it back to the blog, it felt like not much happened. I got into Naruto and that well, certainly filled up most of the quarantine period by well, three months. Seriously I am amazed I watched the entire series in just three months, granted I skipped most of the filler arcs, but still, that is a lot.

Alright it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get off track, and honestly it is probably a record for it to be the first paragraph.

Seriously though, I do have to thank each and everyone of my readers that show up every now and again despite now uploading posts being rather inconsistent the last year or so. Still I really wish there was a way for me to show how much I am thankful for this place. So, thank you, everyone.

Anyway, with thanks out of the way, time to talk. I think this will be a ramble, I did enough of the anniversary posts being about how “Oh this year let’s see what happened.” When in reality not much happened here. I stopped Tower of God reviews halfway and did not review anything in winter or summer.

My original hope for the Six-year anniversary was to try to commission a mascot character for the site, supporting one of my artist friends in the process. But, due to various circumstances that is not happening. To me it wouldn’t feel right if I just got someone to do it, as, well, I want to at least know the person so I can support them. Instead of it being some random artist. Maybe next year I will change my mind on that and get the character to appear.

So, with that plan and my own stubborn-ness on that view I was thinking of doing a post where I look back, then I started writing this and realized I do that too much, seriously at least 4 of the last 5 anniversary posts have been looking back at the year, at least I want to make year six something different. Which I guess gets me to the theme of what I would like to do here in the next year. Try new things here:

So, what I would like to do in the next year is some manga or light novel reviews. For Christmas/Birthday I got myself a tablet, so, it certainly would be easily to read both manga and light novels for me. I was thinking of maybe starting to do a review of at least the first volume, or in the case of manga, if it is a short series, the series itself. Probably less likely, but I don’t know yet. I will most likely stick to the first volume. I could also do some comic reviews too, as I do have some graphic novel collections, much like manga thanks to Humble Bundles this past year. Seriously I got a lot. I also need to find a good place to get manga and light novel ebooks.

I know last year I did an episode 1 Review of The Mandalorian, which I only now just remembered that I did that. I know I never did a second episode nor did I plan on doing a second episode review, but I might go back and do a review of both the first and second season, I certainly want to branch out more and do reviews outside of anime. I might do WandaVision, as I am really looking forward to it. I am a huge Marvel fan outside of anime and I never really express it on here too often, I think the last comic related post I did was two or three years ago. So, I might do one on the first episode next month and then maybe we it ends. Not sure yet.

I would also like to do more video game related stuff. Probably reviews or a short post on my thoughts. I think if anything I might do my thoughts on Dark Souls, I played the third one almost three years ago, same for the second one, and I am finally playing the first now. So, maybe my thoughts on that series. Or, I don’t know, probably the game that is going to destroy my reason for blogging this month, CyberPunk 2077. I have been really hyped for the game since I saw gameplay of it two years ago. I rarely don’t look into any information for a game, as I want to go in at least knowing some details, and well, I am going in much more blind than normal for this one, so I certainly want to give my initial thoughts on it, probably this month too.

Really more than anything that I hope to accomplish in the next year is to try to do one of those goals, do something new, and try to continue doing it, rather than a one and done situation, which feels like it happens a lot. I mean, I don’t mind it, it is just my way to test the waters and try to find something new to do in order to continue doing what I love.

Still, this is a bit of a short anniversary post. Nothing to special, but, I hope you will all continue to support this site for the years to come, and here is to another year!

– Joe