It has been awhile since I did a review, to the point where I am now an arc behind. Aside from that I really was annoyed how I fell so far behind. Either way, time to get right into it.

The Plot:

So last episode ended with Keiichi being jumped by a few delinquents, only for Shion to show up with an angry mob. She basically explains that you don’t mess with people from their town or they will all retaliate.

While Keiichi wants to thank Shion, well she teases him for a bit and treats him. This goes on for a few days but ends up with Keiichi trying to defend Shion while she is at work only to get beat up. The two continue to spend time together, and well, Shion sees a doll she wants, one that kind of looks like the one he gave to Mion. Well, it turns out Mion is working there, and it is only now when he realizes Mion wasn’t playing a prank on him.

Also, it turns out that Mion made the food and delivered it, but Shion takes credit due to her sister’s embarrassment.

This back and forth of well Mion being a bit bolder and more obvious that she likes Keiichi, while Shion is certainly getting closer and closer.

After another explanation on the curse. Well, this episode ends with the nurse, photographer, Shion, and Keiichi breaking into a sacred site during the festival.

Overall Thoughts:

I have to say this episode really wasn’t high on suspense it really was just building up characters and just answering any questions that appeared in the previous episode more than anything. There was no real mystery added to it, except what they were doing in the end and why the two adults were thinking of breaking into a shrine.

Other than that not much to talk about for this episode. This episode felt like it could have been summed up with just the fact twins exsist.

Not doing an overall score for this one.

Try not to spoil the series, I certainly will try not to, but, feel free to comment your thoughts on the series, both the original and this oneJust label if it is a spoiler or not.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe