It has been awhile since I did an update post or even a post for that matter. I did not mean to go and not post at all last month. In fact, I had a few plans, just little motivation to write. I do however plan to change that this month. With both posts here and over at Anime Corps. Also, as the title says, this is my 700th blog post. I did not know this was going to be the 700th post until I went to post it, so, that is a bit of a surprise.

For the post that are coming out here, I will work on catching up on Higurashi, I will be doing them in arcs, until either the seasons end or until I am caught up, I do not know which. Depending how this work week goes, it might be as early as Wednesday, or as late as next week.

I meant to do a post on my thoughts on WandaVisson when it first aired, but honestly, I forgot about it after being rather excited, and just watched the show. I might do my thoughts on the first four or five episodes since that would be the midway point of the show, being 9 episodes long. I might also wait until the show is done in general. I haven’t decided. I will know more the end of this week when the fifth episode airs.

Now, last month I got really into reading Bleach, those that follow my twitter, well, I read the entire series in little over a week. So, almost 700 chapters. I already started a post on it and should get it out later in the week. I will not be using pictures from the manga, don’t want that coming back to bite me, so I will have to look for a few anime ones, which might take some time to do.

As for over at Anime Corps. I do plan on doing Cells at works reviews. I just did not like doing season one in the sense where it was always a monster of the week situation. So, I think, providing that doesn’t change, I will do posts in 2 to 3 episodes. I plan to start those once we are done with the Year in Review Posts. So, next week.

Also, birthday post for me, not sure what I will do, but I will keep the tradition of doing a post on my birthday.

I really just wanted to do this update to give a heads up what I would like to come out. I just really hope I have the motivation to do it. So, yeah. Here is hoping.