At the time of this post coming out, it is my birthday, and thus I wanted to do something special. So, brining back one of the first series of posts I did here seemed fitting. I also made my goal for this year to be bringing out new content to the blog that isn’t just anime related. So why not talk about video games and other related things with video games that I am looking forward to that will ultimately probably distract me from posting here. Anyway, let’s get started.

Number 5: Bravely Default 2

Not going to lie, I feel like I am cheating a bit putting this on the list. Now, granted the game isn’t out for about 4 more days, but I really enjoyed Bravely Default way back in 2014, and its sequel Bravely Second, so I am glad they are doing a new one with new characters, and basically giving it the Final Fantasy and typically JRPG treatment of having new characters, new plot, and new settings for another title in the franchise. Still, been 6 years since the last game, and I really enjoyed them both, although the first one more than the sequel, so hopefully this one is more like the original. I was so excited to hear it be announced, and well, it certainly is one of my most looked forward to games of early 2021.

Number 4: Ninja Gaiden Collection

So, no surprise, but I got into a game this month which distracted me from writing posts. Nioh 2, which happens to be by the people who make Ninja Gaiden. Now, that certainly has me interested, that and the game seems fun. So, needless to say I am rather excited for what is to come when that game comes out.

Number 3: Monster Hunter Rise

Way back in the day Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was on the Nintendo 3DS. While I had no clue how to play it, to the depth I know how to now, I still enjoyed it. Then Monster Hunter World came out, and after 900 hours, being my most played game on Steam, I think it is safe to say I am looking forward to Rise coming out, even if it is on the Switch, I do hope it comes to PC, since I know I will probably get a lot more play time out of it on that system with friends much more.

Number 2: Animal Crossing New Horizon Content

This isn’t so much as a game, but more for what is to come out on an already existing game. Animal Crossing New Leaf was what got me into the series, for almost two years I was on my town every day doing daily tasks. And while I am not into it as much as I used to, I still have at least 200 hours in New Horizon on my Switch. I might take a break every month or so, but I find myself coming back, doing daily tasks or random things when the new content is out or even when inspiration comes to me, seeing this one has a lot more creative freedom. Plus in New Leaf there was a bunch of little Nintendo items, so, with the latest update coming in March featuring Mario, hopefully that means there will be plenty more where that came from as some other Nintendo franchises are having huge milestones this year as well. So, I cannot wait to see what else they will add. Plus, I really want to fill the catalog with the fish and bugs.

Number 1.5: Whatever Pokemon Game is announced this year.

Yeah, not counting this as number 1, but, yeah, it is a bit obvious but yeah, I will probably be really hyped for it when they will more than likely make an announcement on Pokemon Day in a later this week (at the time this post goes live).

Number 1: Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC

Alright, this one is certainly one I am looking forward to. I did a review on the base game a little over a year ago and I really enjoyed it. I played through the first DLC back in October, and I really enjoyed it I loved how it blends perfectly with the base game. Some DLCs feel extra and don’t really blend in well with the main story. This one felt like it did. So, needless to say I feel excited for this one, I certainly will do another playthrough of the game. But right now, it confirmed that it will be in the Spring, but nothing on release date or even a preview for what it is about. So, yeah, I am really looking forward to it, since Outer Worlds is one of my favorite games that came out in the last few years.

That covers just about everything. I kind of want to bring back Top 5s in the future instead of just random times to celebrate. So, any ideas for future posts for the series would be appreciated.

Anyway, what are some games you are looking forward to or game related content you are looking forward to this year?