Wow, it has been a long time since I done a review. Or a post for that matter, about 6 months since my last post and 8 months since my last review. I won’t go into why I took that long of a break, instead I will actually talk about this show, as it is a review and all and would be weird to talk about something else entirely, even if that is what I do in the introduction part.

Anyway, many years ago, back when this manga first started, I read a few chapters, like 4 or 5. I hardly remember any of it other than thinking it was funny, so I decided why not. It is basically the Devil is a Part Timer minus the romance and replace the man character with a sometimes loli. But the if this show gets gross, I am stopping the reviews. Since, as far as I am aware, it won’t, maybe. Anyway, it was confirmed for two cour I think, but it started real late in the season so it is my guess 20 episodes or 22 or around there for length. Either way, time to start the actual review.

The Plot:

Enters Jahy, the Demon Lords Right hand and one of the strongest in the Dark Realm. That is until a magical girl shows up destroys the mana crystal that then inadvertently destroyed the Dark Realm thus sending Jahy to the human realm with the goal of putting the crystal back to regain her power.

Thus, she is stuck in the body of a small child, half the time.

She is not used to it in the slightest and finds herself tripping often. She can go to her normal form for a short amount of time, but it does not last long. All she must eat is some sprouts with the choice of either salt or mayonnaise for toppings. Life is tough for her.

But, while she is in her normal form she works at a pub, unfortunately struggling to get by having to be polite to humans that are beneath her.

After, what has been a long month her struggles continue, as she gets annoyed at the system of the world of everything requiring money in order to get by. But her boss is nice to her and cares, also Jahy somewhat likes it and does not at the same time since she is much older than even her normal form lets on.

It is not long into the workday when her crystal gives out and she is on the verge of being caught. Surprisingly when her boss does find her in small form, she is okay with it. Like, weirdly okay with it, no questions or anything, just accepts it. So, she sends Jahy home with her months pay and some food.

The second half of the episode was Jahy dealing with her boss’ sister, her landlord, since she did not want to pay rent. She also did not pay rent the previous month, and by the sound of it she has been in the human world for a while, as before she moved into the apartment, she was homeless.  Anyway, long story short here is she paid off the rent.

The last bit of the episode dealt with Jahy losing her crystal, but again, it was quickly solved since her boss had it. It is also made known that if a human has the crystal bad luck will follow them, so, that will probably be a plot point in the future. This ends off the episode.


Honestly it was much better than I expected. I had low expectations, mostly what would happen in relation to Jahy small form, but this first episode was better than expected. Was it the greatest, no not really. It felt like the story for the final few minutes was something done quick to give the show enough time to fill in the whole time it is meant to run. The second story did not have as much impact as the first one did, so, I hope it goes better in future episodes. The reason why I say this is mostly due to covering the show, it always feels weird talking about it in that way, since I send more time focusing on one half than I do with others. Then there is a reason for pacing as well, if done poorly some episodes might have to end with build up for the next one with no real payoff, which I have experienced in the past when covering shows. Cliffhangers in shows are always annoying for two reasons, one, if it is the end of the season unless another one is confirmed, there is no guarantee that ending will ever feel finished. The other being that the pay off never feels satisfying. There are few cases, granted none are coming to mind, other than One Piece or other weekly running shonen anime, where that cliffhanger had actual good pay off, mostly since a fight or a lot of action would happen in the following episode. But, anyway, enough about that tangent.

The episode as a whole, aside from the pacing issue, no major issues felt like there were obvious. For a comedy I did not really find myself laughing at it all that much. There were a few moments where I found myself chuckling, but at least for this episode it was more of a standard setting up plot, so comedy tends to suffer a bit. Which I suppose is standard, it takes at least two or three episodes before the comedy in a show can really take off since it needs to introduce the plot and characters. This is more for the generic comedy shows.

Other that nothing else. My expectations are still low for this show, so hopefully in a few episodes time my expectations will be exceeded.

Overall Score: C+

Also I just really like Jahy’s reactions throughout the episode, and that can always be a winner, at least for a character for me.

I am not really watching a whole lot this season aside from sequels, but, any recommendations will do.

Either way feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode.